Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sailing into the night

Our last night…part of our package at Portofino in Belize included a Sunset Cruise, but it had been cancelled twice now. Once because there was no sign of a sunset happening. It had rained and when it cleared up it was cloudy. And the second time there weren’t enough people to schedule the trip. Tonight they’d take us one way or another. So, it was cloudy and apparently only one other couple was booked for the cruise. Excellent! Every excursion we went on was either just Keith and I, or with only one other couple. This was one of the benefits of travelling during low season!

We went back into town on the water taxi and found out our sunset cruise would be on a beautiful catamaran! Nice! There was no sunset to speak of, it was a cloudy night, but it was still a great evening out on the sea.

One of the guides told us all about the history of Ambergris Caye and Belize on the way out. We had some rum punch, listened to music and just hung out and relaxed. We sailed out to Hol Chan. As we got out there we saw a spotted eagle ray jump way out of the water. So cool! Some of the night diver boats were starting to come out. Even without the sunset, it was great.

 On the way back we had some chips and salsa and just laid back and listened to the crashing surf around the boat…our last night could not have been more perfect.


  1. Hi! Just started following/reading your blog today and find it interesting so far.

    Btw, I was a little confused at first by this entry/posting. It mentioned Portofino, so my mind immediately thought of Italy. After reading the next entry I realized you're in Mexico (or is it Belize?), NOT Italy. This entry maybe could have used some context for those of us just tuning in (and jumping into the middle of a trip already in progress)....just a thought!


  2. Hi Meliha,

    Glad you're finding my blog interesting! Thank you for the suggestion. I actually thought that very thing while I was typing my post and meant to reference Belize and then got involved in my thoughts and totally forgot! I just went back and added it though, so thank you for pointing out the frame of reference!

    Hope you continue to check back often.


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