Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Penguins!!! Touring the Cape continued! Africa Day 3 continued, 10/30/18

After visiting the Cape of Good Hope, it was time for lunch with a beautiful view, seafood of course! 

It was nice to sit and relax for a bit, talking about our morning and all that we had seen so far! But we were all looking forward to what would be next. For many of us it was going to be the highlight of the day, penguins!  We were heading to Boulders Beach, which is home to a thriving colony of African Penguin.

The beach is in a sheltered cove, which helps protect these endangered birds. In 1910 it is estimated that there were 1.5 million African Penguins,and at the lowest point, in 1982 there were only two breeding pairs left! The colony has now grown to about 2,200 birds. 

They can be viewed here on Boulders Beach in their natural environment from a boardwalk, as they wander about their beach. 

They have also been named the Jackass Penguin because of their donkey-like braying call. These guys were standing around in a circle chatting away for quite some time!

They also are monogamous and mate for life, so we're told. These two seem to be happy together! 

We spent at least 45 minutes here watching the penguins, and I truly could have spent hours there. They were just amazing. And so adorable!  We really felt so lucky to have gotten to be so close to them, in their natural environment. We're hopeful that their population continues to grow.

After visiting with the penguins, we had some time to shop a bit in the area. There were some cute stores and local artisans as well.

We continued along the coast and back towards Cape Town, stopping at a lovely boutique hotel for a site inspection and dinner, the Twelve Apostles. 

This hotel would be a perfect place for to stay if you would love a beautiful ocean view during your time on the Cape! Just look at that view, and the pool!  

They have a really unique spa as well, it's underground and quite different!

Outside they also have these beautiful pools here - what a view!

After our tour, as we waited for the sun to set over the water, we had a Gin Tasting! This was different! And so much fun! 

We learned what flavorings go with what different types of gins, and then how the tonic can change the taste. So interesting!

This one was different! A Pink, Rose Water Gin, with rose petals, cucumbers and then rose and cucumber flavored tonic!  

As we finished the sun was beginning to set, making for some really nice pictures from the balcony!

At dinner we had an intermezzo complete with dry ice poured over for effect! Quite fancy! 

And our samplings of desserts.... so much to choose from!

When we arrived back to Cape Town, a few of us walked over to the waterfront.  There is a nice area there with many shops and restaurants.

And back in our room, more desserts! What a lovely thank you from the Cape Grace!

It had been a fantastic, although short stay in Cape Town! Tomorrow we would set off on the second half of our adventures.  It's Safari Time! It's hard to believe this trip could get any more amazing!