About Me

I've been lucky enough to travel to so many beautiful places, and I dream of visiting so many more! Planning these journeys has become half of the adventure for me.  I've now taken that love of planning trips and my attention to detail and done what comes most natural and become a travel specialist!  Let me help you turn your dream vacation into a reality!  You can contact me directly for travel planning at Getaways Done Your Way and we can discuss your travel needs!

My blog also is where I get to share my love for photography. From the time I first picked up a camera as a little girl, I was hooked! I love to see the world through the lens. This is what the art of photography is about for me, it's these very visions coming through the lens and captured in print; these moments, these colors, and shapes, the cultures and people. These are the Moments In Time that I have experienced not only in my own backyard in the beauty of Nature and Landscape Photography, but in my true passion, Travel Photography. 

By capturing my Moments in Time and Places in Time they can become permanent for you and not just fleeting memories! 

So here on my blog you will find a mix of my passion for travel, from the planning, dreaming and hopefully sometimes living out the experiences, with a bit of my everyday real life!!!  My family is the inspiration for most of our adventures.  My husband, and my two kids...they keep our journeys lively and certainly unique! This is what is shared here....my trips, pics, and tales!  And of course my photography!

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