Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Aruba part 2! 11/27/2017

After our stop at the Natural Bridge, we continued on to one of the next most popular natural attractions in Aruba, the Casibari Rock Formations. Geologists are uncertain about the actual origins of these rock formations, but they believe that the collision of tectonic plates created them, forcing these massive slabs to the surface.  There are two sections to the Casibari, the second being the Ayo. However there are no trails or steps to the top of the boulders at the Ayo, so visiting there is a bit more challenging.  It's said that the Casibari is Aruba's Stonehenge, with their destincive shapes, created by the eternal trade winds. 

There were a few friendly lizards sunning on the boulders!

Our British friends had only signed up for the morning tour, so they departed, leaving us to drive the rest of the day! It was hard to believe that our tour was only half over. We had already seen so many things and had so much fun!  We said our goodbyes and off we went with the rest of the group. Lisa and I somehow decided that I was going to drive. Now we were out on the roads though instead of the desert off-roading. I could handle that, right? 

Next stop, the Aruba Ostrich Farm! This day was really full of surprises! We got out of our Jeeps and began our tour, learning all about Ostrich. 

Next thing you know, our guide is asking for Volunteers, luckily Lisa went first so when it was my turn, I knew what to expect....turns out we all got to feed the ostrich too!  It was fun, but boy are they strong!

And then we continued our tour, learning a bit more about the eggs and such.

This is also where we had lunch.  There was a nice gift shop and a restaurant here!   We were able to change into our bathing suits here at the Ostrich Farm because our next stop was the beach! We were going to Baby Beach. It was a lot of fun to drive there and we were looking fun to having a nice afternoon at the beach after our day of exploring the island!

We went snorkeling and swimming for a bit. The current was pretty strong though and there wasn't much to see snorkeling. 

There was a sectioned off area from the calmer "cove" where you could snorkel, this area had much "rougher" water.  It was surrounded by these rock formations. 

The Baby Beach area is a nice sand beach, but when you walk past that there are all sorts of cool rocks along the coast.  

The view of Baby Beach from in the water

Baby Beach - there is a restaurant and some palapas and chair rentals. 

After a pretty fantastic day it was time to head back to the boat.  I don't think we could have picked a better tour to see the highlights of Aruba and spend some time at the beach!  

We sailed off into a beautiful sunset. Looking forward to another sea day tomorrow.