Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Big Plans for 2010!!!

I haven't forgotten about my blog, and I hope my followers haven't forgotten about me!  December is an incredibly hectic month for me, as I'm sure it is for everyone.  I was a bit shocked when I saw my last entry was almost a month ago!  I will certainly get back to posting about some of my previous travel adventures with some of the photos from those trips....but here's whats on tap for 2010....

I'm currently trying to figure out where Keith and I can head out to for a couples trip in March.  Nothing too exotic, like our Belize trip was.  This is going to be a Mexico trip.  This is a trip for him.  This is a relax at the beach, drink in hand, sleep at the pool and read a lot of books type of vacation.  Maybe we'll toss in a few excursions, go snorkeling or see a ruin.  But this is a get away from it all type of trip.  The big decision here is which resort to go to.  We'll pick an all-inclusive resort where there are no concerns for the entire week.  That's my latest obsession.  Right now I'm toying with Apple's Square Deal.  This is when you book a trip based on the number of "apple" ratings and then find out where you are staying when you get to the airport.  Now for an obsessive trip planner, this is pretty difficult!  However, from what I understand, there are deals to be found with this!  But - it's hard to let go of the control.  We'll see....will I do it???

Also, another trip to Costa Rica is in the works.  I hope.  Every year our family, including my parents, goes to the NJ beach - as my last few entries shows.  But last summer we had really bad weather.  And it's not an inexpensive trip.  To be stuck in a beach house with bad weather and pay all that money - have to do your own cooking, clean your own house, make the beds....etc....Well, last summer we talked about heading out of the country and taking my parents to Costa Rica.  I know my parents would love it there, and I'd love to show it to them!  Keith and I have been there twice and we took the kids there on our last trip.  Those trips will be future entries.  I've been doing some research on where we'll go and how to best show my parents the amazing beauty and adventures of that country!

And other big travel news - my son, Alex, is going to England and France in the summer of 2010 with an educational trip, called People to People. He has to attend some preparation sessions to learn about the country and the people and also to meet the other student ambassadors who will be going.  It's a big trip for a ten year old!  But very exciting!  He'll be doing his own blog with his pictures and adventures when he goes.

So - there's a lot brewing here on the travel front and I have a lot of past travels to talk about....just finding the time - that's the hard part! 

Thanks for your patience!!  Happy New Year to everyone!

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Boardwalk!

It wouldn't be a week at the beach without a trip or two to the boardwalk.  The Wildwood Boardwalk that is!  For those of you familiar with the Jersey beaches, you may be familiar with this boardwalk, but for everyone else it's about two and a half miles long, and filled with games, and piers of rides, all kinds of food, and it has the widest beach ever!  We usually don't go to the beach here - but for sure we make it to the rides!  Oh, and there are a few different water parks as well that we usually try to get to!

Walking the boards on the boardwalk...the sights and the smells - it's everything summer should be!