Monday, December 7, 2009

The Boardwalk!

It wouldn't be a week at the beach without a trip or two to the boardwalk.  The Wildwood Boardwalk that is!  For those of you familiar with the Jersey beaches, you may be familiar with this boardwalk, but for everyone else it's about two and a half miles long, and filled with games, and piers of rides, all kinds of food, and it has the widest beach ever!  We usually don't go to the beach here - but for sure we make it to the rides!  Oh, and there are a few different water parks as well that we usually try to get to!

Walking the boards on the boardwalk...the sights and the smells - it's everything summer should be!


  1. I agree with you - I just posted about Wildwood too - you might enjoy this I sure wish it were summer at the shore! Thanks for a post that made me smile!!

  2. Mary, Thanks for the comment! I'll check out your site. I agree...I definitely wish it was summer "down" the's supposed to snow tonight. Ugh!