Friday, February 26, 2010

Walking in the Trees!

When you're in the rainforest, you learn that there are different types of environments to explore.  You can be down on the ground or up in the trees.  Up in the trees is called the canopy.  In Arenal there are the Hanging Bridges.  There are fourteen bridges suspended up in the trees of the primary rain forest.  We chose to go with a guide so that we could learn about the ecosystem.  This was our first real exposure to the rain forest and boy did we learn a lot!  The hike was about three hours long and it wasn't difficult. 

We saw many howler monkeys and we even saw an eyelash pit viper!  It was down below one of the bridges in a ravine!  We saw so many frogs, including a blue jean frog, which was another highlight!  We learned about the leaf cutter ants which was just fascinating!  Our guide pointed out so many different birds. 

Doing the hike with a guide was a great idea, we would have missed out on much of the wildlife we saw had we not had the guide.  He found so many hidden gems!  And we learned so much about the ecosystem and the history of the area.  It was well worth the extra cost for the experience!  We also got to hear the volcano rumble while we were there!  It was very cool!!!


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  2. Sadly I never made it to Arenal only Monetverde. I think this forest has a lot more to offer than the cloud forest I wandered aimlessly around in for three hours.

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  4. Lovely pics! I love the tiny little frog over there. The real adventure is when you are close to nature.