Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Our day in Colombia continues! November 30, 2017

I have been the worst at following up and sharing our adventures! Sometimes life goes by so quickly....but I really want to continue with what we did on the rest of our Windstar Cruise because I have another pretty amazing trip coming up soon that I'll be posting about!

So after our morning, it was time to visit an Emerald "factory". Colombia is known for its Emeralds. This was a store, with a little museum and processing area. It was quite interesting to see how the emeralds are mined and then processed. 

Of course both Lisa and I left with some Emerald jewelry!  I'd like to think we got some bargains, buying at the source and all!  But even if not, I love my pendant and Emerald is my birthstone, and it was a fun experience to buy an Emerald pendant right there.

After our shopping, our guide had our driver drop us off in the historic, old town area and from that point the rest of our day would be a walking tour.  

We loved it, everything about Cartegana was so vibrant and alive! 

There was beautiful street art all over the place - it was very artsy!

This was the type of place where around every corner was another picture just waiting to be taken!

We walked a bit longer and then went to a truly authentic restaurant for lunch. Marvely helped us to order, although I think we were both a bit surprised when our fish came out like this, but it was delicious! 

Next up, our afternoon in the Old Town of Cartagena!