Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Finishing up this MegaFAM at Sandals La Source!

This is another set up that can be used for weddings on the beach.  The color of the canopy can be chosen by the wedding party and will coordinate with the table setting and flowers.

The beach here isn't huge, but it's very nice and the sand is very clean.  The views of the island are beautiful. 

We also had a chance to visit the Concierge Club which is where the Club Level guests check in and have a nice lounge area.

We finished up the tour of the room categories and again were able to experience some of the various restaurants for lunch.  I got to go to Butch's Chophouse and had a most delicious steak lunch!  We were thinking it would be much too much for lunch, but when they put that salad in front of our table, and then that steak and potatoes, and then the huge onion ring!!!  Well, lets just say that every one of us at our table cleaned our plates! Sometimes steak in the Caribbean is just, well let's say different - this was fantastic!

After lunch, we had a short time, a very short stop at the gift shop or jump in one of the amazing pools, or go to the beach.  So - we took advantage!  

Perhaps one of the coolest parts of this pool is the firepit lounge area!  How nice would it be at night to sit out here with the fire going, glass of wine in hand, and just hang out? That is living the life isn't it?

But sadly our visit was coming to an end.  We had our closing remarks, and the director of Tourism for Grenada came and gave a great talk to us.  Before we knew it we were heading back to the airport!

We had a wonderful send off by the Tourism Board in Grenada as at the airport, as well as by the staff at Sandals.  At the airport they had music, dancing, and all sorts of crafts on display!  It's certainly clear that they want nothing more than for tourism to be part of their country!

That wraps up this short, but incredibly journey to 3 countries, 3 islands and 3 very different resorts in barely 3 days!  I learned so much about these resorts and hopefully can work to bring some of you to visit them!

Next up????  Tomorrow I head to Vail for my Host Agency Conference where I hope to learn even more and meet so many of the representatives from the places and companies that I work with!  Can't wait to share that trip with everyone!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Up early, flying away to Sandals La Source - Grenada here we come!

Today was another super early morning!  Breakfast was at 5:45 am, so this was day three of constantly running and very little sleep!  But today was also the day I was looking most forward to!  Not that the past two days weren't so well worth it...but today, we were heading to Grenada!  Sandal's newest property, Sandals La Source!  If you've seen any of the pictures, it looks like an amazing place!  Would it live up to the pictures?

After a quick plane flight, here we are!  We made it, we're in Grenada!  Some quick photo ops for us all - gotta get the tarmac shots with the "Sandals" plane in the background right?

So, they told us the resort was 80 seconds from the airport - it was.  It is that close!  We wondered if noise would be an issue.  It wasn't.  Granted we were only there for a day, but we never once noticed plane noise overhead.  And there definitely were flights in and out while we were there.  No worries about that!  

Grenada is a beautiful island!  It's a rainforest island, very green and very lush.  And it shows in the property.  We were given a warm, musical welcome!

And then we were split into our smaller groups for our resort tour.  Off to see several of their many room types.   This is one of the main pools  - love those chairs!

And here is a brick oven pizza restaurant by the pool.

We moved along to the standard room category - these are pretty amazing for the entry level rooms!  And they have these really nice pools right in front of them!  

Each patio or balcony has it's own "tranquility" tub...

Next we moved to the fitness center.  It was very complete with a great view of the gardens.

We moved along to one of the areas often used for smaller weddings.  This little bridge is over a nice stream and can be used for a wedding ceremony.  The reception could be held in the grassy area next to it.  We saw a sample table set up as well.  All VERY nice!

When you have a wedding at any of the Sandals or Beaches resorts you can coordinate the table decor with many different choices - just like if you had it at any other venue.  They have a wedding coordinator who works with the bride to make all of the choices - flowers, photos,'s a great package!

These are some more of the different buildings.  All with lovely pools outside and beautiful landscaping!

As we moved along, we got a special treat - home made drinks with fresh sugar cane! This isn't a typical part of the day at the resort, but on occasion they may bring in something like this.  It was a pretty cool display though!

And on such a very hot day, some fresh lemonade with real sugar cane was very refreshing!

Next we would be walking over to what many consider to be the highlight of this resort. The Italian Village rooms, the ones that have the Skypools!  These are absolutely stunning! If you ever splurge on a vacation, these are the rooms you will want to run to!  Not walk, run!  I wish my pictures did them justice, but when there are 12 -15 other agents in the room all oohhing and ahhhing and trying to take pictures, it's very challenging to get those great shots without faces and heads in them!  So, I tried my best.  

This is the view from your balcony, from your own private skypool!

Your living room...

This sort of gives you an idea of what the balcony looks like from the side - the lower levels go out into a lazy river instead of a sky pool.

A gorgeous bathroom!

And yet as amazing as those rooms were, I may have one other favorite!  The Pink Gin Beachfront rooms were pretty special!  They walkout right onto the beach and have a fantastic little patio!  These, I loved!   Just look at the view from your patio!

And this is the patio of these beachfront rooms...

Complete with your tranquility tub!

That about wraps up the rooms we saw....I have a bit more to share as far as the resort itself!  That will be coming next!  Suffice it to say, I loved everything I got to see at Sandals La Source in Grenada and it will for sure be on my list of resorts to return to for more than a few hours!  

Friday, October 3, 2014

Parade, Dining around and Chocolate!

Back again!  We left off after our relaxing Catamaran ride!  I had just enough time to head back to my room and get changed before the Sesame Street Parade!  Disney it isn't but it was still a nice parade and there were even kids picked who were staying on the property who got to participate!

I know my pictures are horrible - totally not up to my standard!  I didn't bring my usual camera - and this one just wasn't working well in the fading daylight!  Sorry about that!

After the parade we were encouraged to "dine around" for dinner!  With so many restaurants on this property - to only try one for dinner would be a shame!  So we went to Soy, for Sushi appetizers - in the French Village!  Go figure!

I don't have any pictures of our appetizers - but the sushi was fantastic.  No complaints! We actually all would have loved to have more, but alas, Paris was calling!

Next up was our main course at Le Petit Chateau!  

This was the restaurant inside, well part of it.  And initially we were planning to get main courses, but the appetizers here looked amazing!  So I ended up with a soup and some type of crab cake.  Everything here was great too!

Now for dessert, we didn't get to another restaurant because there was a special Chocolate Party event for the agents!  As if any of us needed this!

There were some Chocolate Martini's as well!   There was a DJ and even a guy eating some fire!  

After all that excitement - it was time to head back to the room - but first a few of us stopped in at Club Liquid to take some pictures - believe it or not, it was still early!  I think maybe only 10:00 and the place was empty!  I'm not even sure if it was opened yet.

Looks like a nice club type place!   But then, time to go back for the night - an early wake up tomorrow - 5:45 am - breakfast!  Then off to Grenada!  

The Italian Village pool lit up at night