Friday, October 3, 2014

Parade, Dining around and Chocolate!

Back again!  We left off after our relaxing Catamaran ride!  I had just enough time to head back to my room and get changed before the Sesame Street Parade!  Disney it isn't but it was still a nice parade and there were even kids picked who were staying on the property who got to participate!

I know my pictures are horrible - totally not up to my standard!  I didn't bring my usual camera - and this one just wasn't working well in the fading daylight!  Sorry about that!

After the parade we were encouraged to "dine around" for dinner!  With so many restaurants on this property - to only try one for dinner would be a shame!  So we went to Soy, for Sushi appetizers - in the French Village!  Go figure!

I don't have any pictures of our appetizers - but the sushi was fantastic.  No complaints! We actually all would have loved to have more, but alas, Paris was calling!

Next up was our main course at Le Petit Chateau!  

This was the restaurant inside, well part of it.  And initially we were planning to get main courses, but the appetizers here looked amazing!  So I ended up with a soup and some type of crab cake.  Everything here was great too!

Now for dessert, we didn't get to another restaurant because there was a special Chocolate Party event for the agents!  As if any of us needed this!

There were some Chocolate Martini's as well!   There was a DJ and even a guy eating some fire!  

After all that excitement - it was time to head back to the room - but first a few of us stopped in at Club Liquid to take some pictures - believe it or not, it was still early!  I think maybe only 10:00 and the place was empty!  I'm not even sure if it was opened yet.

Looks like a nice club type place!   But then, time to go back for the night - an early wake up tomorrow - 5:45 am - breakfast!  Then off to Grenada!  

The Italian Village pool lit up at night

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