Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Arenal Hanging Bridges, Walking in the treetops!

We arrived at the Hanging Bridges with our guide, ready for a great hike and hoping to see some wildlife.  We had the same guide as we had for our morning hike at the Observatory Lodge the other day, but this time it was a hike with just the six of us so maybe he would be a bit more talkative with a smaller group.  The Hanging Bridges is a hike through the rainforest in Arenal, and is a combination of hiking on paths and suspension bridges.  Some are quite long and very high up in the sky!  While others are just short and not too high up in the air.  It was another beautiful day, with the sun shining and a beautiful view of the volcano.

Even though we got a bit of a late start, we did see quite a bit of wildlife!  We got very lucky and our guide ended up searching high and low for us!  We saw a poisonous blue jean dart frog, which he heard and spent a good five minutes searching for by sound until he found the little guy! 

We saw a few lizards, some howler monkeys, many birds including a toucan, and even a eyelash pit viper - up close and personal!

We had beautiful views and all of us, the kids and my parents included really enjoyed the walk, spotting wildlife and learning about the ecosystem!