Monday, January 18, 2010

Planning is half the fun!

One of the things that gets me through the winter is planning trips.  It's also what gets me through busy seasons of work and the daily grind.  If I'm not travelling, I sure better be planning where I'm going next!  I don't even have to be the person going on the trip - I can live through other's travels - although, it's much more fun when I'm the one going on the vacation for sure! 

So, it's official - we're going to Mexico in March.  I can't wait.  This has been one heck of a January.  I own a payroll company which means that January is the busiest time of year for me.  So the trip to Mexico is going to be a time to just relax and do nothing after the nonstop pace of this month. 

The Mexico trip will be fantastic.  Just Keith and I, relaxing, a few excursions.  The beach, a great pool, great food and drinks...a week to regroup. 

Now this summer I'm planning a big family trip.  This one involves a lot more planning, which is what I thrive on!  We're going to Costa Rica.  Bought the plane tickets last weekend!  This will be our third trip there but this time we're taking my parents.  I love this type of trip.  Multiple destinations, flights within the country, renting cars, hiring driviers....and in the end - it's all going to come together and be an amazing experience for us all!  My kids have been there once, but they'll be two years older this time and will love it even more.  My parents have never been to a place like this and I just know they will love the eco-adventure.  The volcano and the wildlife are things most people never get to experience.  A lucky few can even hear the volcano rumble and see the lava flow! I just can't wait to share it with them.

My next entries will be from our past two trips to Costa Rica....a trip down memory lane for me so that I can share it with you!