Sunday, June 3, 2018

Another day at Sea, and dinner at Candles 11/29/18

Today was another of our relaxing days at sea. This was the life. We were very much enjoying life on a sailing yacht! 

Lisa and I had our routine already. We had breakfast on the Veranda each morning. The service was amazing. The staff had a way of making you feel as if you were their only guests, as if this was your private yacht! They were here for you. You almost forgot that in a few days someone else would be sitting in these seats and they would already have remembered just how that new person takes their coffee and that they liked iced tea with their lunch! 

We spent the afternoon reading and cooling off in the pool. 

Tonight we had dinner at the "specialty" restaurant, Candles. Candles is the outdoor dining on the Windstar line. It requires reservations only so that all guests are guaranteed the experience during the cruise. There is no additional fee for this specialty dining. The pool deck/bar area is transformed to a dining area in the evening and the meal was delicious! 

The grill is set up, and your steak or fish is grilled to order.

This was a shrimp cocktail appetizer.

Tonight was the Windstar Crew Show. By this point in the cruise, we had gotten to know most of the crew, so the show was a lot of fun to watch!  We decided that Windstar must only hire talented employees because the show was wonderful!  

We were glad for our relaxing day today, as tomorrow we knew would be a busy day of touring!  We are docking in Cartagena, Colombia!  We were really looking forward to that!