Saturday, September 12, 2009

You'd better Belize it!

That's right - Belize. 

The first question so many people would ask was, where's Belize? They hadn't even heard of the country!  This was common I found because Belize was formerly known as British Honduras and didn't change it's name until 1973.  The second question I was asked was why do you want to go to Belize?  Belize suddenly began popping up to me in my obsessive travel research about two years ago.  I had been planning our second trip to Costa Rica and kept seeing great travel information about Belize and of course I wanted to see what was the big draw!  K and I have been to Mexico several times and had been to Costa Rica once previously and since I was planning our second trip to Costa Rica I kept Belize in the back of my mind for a future trip. 
I started to do some research and found Belize has the second largest barrier reef in the world!  Now that's something!  Neither K nor I dive, but we both enjoy snorkeling so right there that was a great opportunity for us! 

The second thing I found was that Belize has a really large concentration of Mayan ruins.  Again, I have a great interest in archaelogy and have a facination with the Mayan history especially.  We've enjoyed seeing the ruins in Mexico and to see the some of the largest ruins in Central America would be amazing! 

 Belize is also the only English speaking country in Central America.  We've never had an issue with a language problem, and have had fun trying to communicate with our limited high school Spanish, but it would be nice to travel to an English speaking country too.  Although Creole is wildly spoken there as well as English and many other languages as Belize is a big melting pot of cultures.

So, after my intial research....the next part was delving into the details.  How do you learn about a country and figure out where to go?  Where do you stay?  What excursions are the best and how do you get there from where you are staying?  What about transportation?  Do we rent a car or do we need transfers?  Do we stay at one hotel or lodge or stay at more than one so we get a varied experience in the country? 

Guide books in hand, my planning began.  This is the part I love!  Asking questions, travel forums and learning all I can about the area.  Our vacation was starting to emerge!

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