Saturday, May 6, 2017

Our afternoon in the Bavarian Countryside! June 7th, Day 13 continued

After our morning in Passau, we went back onboard the ship for lunch and we had a bit of time to relax. One of my favorite things about the Viking Longships is the Aquavit Terrace. It was so nice to enjoy the views and fantastic weather while having a casual lunch each day.

This river cruise had been a nice mixture of time out and about touring the towns and seeing the sights, mixed with just the right a bit of time to recharge before heading out again! So Alex and I spent a bit of time on this beautiful day up on the sundeck. There's a little putting green up there.

They also had a nice little herb garden up here

At about 2:30 we set out on our final excursion. This was an option one, to the Bavarian Countryside and a Farm Visit. We went to Southern Germany to a dairy farm where we learned how farming was done and we got to tour the farm as well as sample some of the products that they made. 

This is our guide and the owner of the farm as she told us all about her farm and her cows. 

Cows of different ages are kept in different areas and they were building a larger barn area and new milking system as well.  Unlike here in the US, these cows really never went outside and roamed in a pasture.  They were only fed in their stalls. In order to be out in the fields, they had to have a specific amount of grass per cow, which this farm didn't have. 

There was quite a lot of petting happening here on this visit!

We learned about the special blends of hay and feed that they ate, and how much they ate every day, as well as the milking process.

And of course where there are cats Alex will find them!

Dogs too!  

The countryside was beautiful here in Bavaria!

In order to supplement the dairy products, the farm also has a little shop where they sell some other products they make. 

We got to sample some of their jellies and cheeses here too!

After our tour, we went back to the ship for our last night on board. It had been a fantastic time on the Viking Vilhjalm! We'd be sad to say goodbye in the morning.  We still had a couple of days left in Germany though....and we were looking forward to those!

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