Wednesday, October 30, 2013

And so it's time to go home, Saturday, June 29th

Saturday, June 29th

It’s time to go home. I got up early today so I could enjoy the last morning somewhat before the rush of leaving. I got up and dressed and then sat out on the beautiful terrace. Our apartment was perfect. Our entire trip was amazing. One that I will never forget. I hope the kids have memories that they won’t forget as well. 

People often say they get to go on trips of a lifetime. In this case, I think ours really was. There was nothing I would have changed. Looking back, every single day was perfect. We are lucky. Very lucky. 

Alessandra came by the apartment right on time, at 8:30. She did a quick run through and told us that we left everything just perfect. I could tell she was pleased. She returned our security deposit. I told her that if we ever returned, we would certainly stay here! 

We walked out the giant doors and our driver from Rome Cabs was waiting right there for us. Right on time, at 8:45. We left Rome, and arrived at the airport. 

As usual, my dad forgot to pack his little Swiss Army knife and had that confiscated because it was in his carry on. My mom mentioned that she always knows what she can get him for Christmas because he always gets one taken away from him! 

The airport was packed and our flight was delayed for about an hour or so. There wasn't even anywhere to sit, except the floor! But we didn't mind.  The kids kept busy, and I wandered around some of the shops in the airport a bit.

We had a little lunch in the airport. I bought Megan some spicy salami and Peccorino cheese in one of the shops! I surprised her with it on the plane. It was in a little snack pack. 

Our flight home was direct. Not bad at all. I got to catch up on some movies. I never get to see movies anymore. Especially my picks!

We arrived home to four cats who seemed to miss us very much and a huge stack of mail. 

Here it is now four months later and I can’t help feel like our trip was so much more than a vacation. It was an experience.  A journey. A good friend of mine told me before I left that I would come back a different person. I didn’t really understand that at the time. He was right. 

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