Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Insurance to Return to Rome! The Trevi Fountain!

We did it, we navigated the streets of Rome, in the dark on our own!  We made it to the Trevi Fountain, which if you can manage to get past the craziness of the crowds and the people trying to force roses upon you…is really a stunning site all lit up at night! 

Alex, Megan and I made our way down to the actual edge and tossed in our coins. We will be back! This was our insurance!   You know the legend right? Toss one coin in the fountain and you guarantee a return trip to Rome!  Two coins and you come back and fall in love, three coins and ...well this is where it gets a bit fuzzy.  I've read that you'll get married, and I've read you'll get divorced.  But the one that's always consistent is one coin and you come back! And then just go toss as many as you want, and then  Euros are donated to the local food bank or to the poor, and foreign coins are donated to the Red Cross.

It was a crazy mad scene though!  The crowds were tight and if we were going to be pick pocketed, this was the place!  But, whew – we made it, we took our pictures, we had our moment at the edge of the fountain and we enjoyed our time! Isn’t that what it’s all about?

After tossing in his coin, Alex decides he needs to try to toss me in the fountain!  Nice kid!  

We spent a bit of time in the area getting a few more souvenirs. Somehow though, I never found that “one” perfect thing. Again – another reason to return! This is something I tend to do when I travel – I see things I like and never buy them – I seem to think I’ll find something I’ll like better – I need to realize if I like something enough, to just go with my gut and make that purchase! I’m not talking expensive things either! Maybe a scarf or a little piece of art? Anything...then I get home and feel like I missed out on those little pieces. Anyway – I do collect magnets – I have one for every city or town that I’ve been to and I hang them on a whiteboard in my office.  

We found Mimi and G-pop and we walked back to our apartment. On the way we stopped back at the gelato place right next to the Albergo del Senato. The one that Megan and I had our very first gelato on the first afternoon when we arrived in Rome almost three weeks ago! It seemed only fitting that we would have our last gelato here now tonight!

We enjoyed our gelato and walked slowly back to the apartment. Stopping to say goodnight to our resident cats at Largo Argentina.

It was late, time for bed…of course as I was backing up my pictures from the day, Alex brings me his cell phone – he dropped it in a sink of water while he was brushing his teeth. Really? It won’t turn on. Ok…we’ll let it dry out overnight. Obviously we have no rice here for the rice technique! What a kid, 3 pairs of sunglasses and now the cell phone! It's a good thing he makes me laugh almost every day! 

It was time for bed, tomorrow we have to say good by to Europe. Bummer.

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