Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Returning to the 2010 Costa Rica Adventure!

After what feels like far too long of a break, let's continue on with our long ago Costa Rica family adventure!  So...back where we left off!  We were staying at the Peace Lodge and our next stop was the Butterfly House.  This is one amazing place!  If you've never been to any type of butterfly breeding house, you must visit one!  

The Butterfly House has more than 25 different species, and let me tell you, they are everywhere!  During this particular visit, Megan was a magnet for them!  At times she must have had five or six landing on her at one time!  They would just land on her shoulders, her fingers, her arms and just hang out!

They say there are over 4,000 butterflies flying about at any given time.  I believe it!  We had them landing all over us!  They sure weren't shy!   They're such delicate little beings!

Perhaps even more amazing than these beautiful butterflies flitting all around, is the hatching process.  To see how each different species forms, and how each has its own unique chrysalis and larvae stage was quite fascinating.  We actually got to see some of the butterflies emerging right then and there!

I thought these were the most beautiful color!  It's amazing that a butterfly is transforming inside there!

 This one just recently emerged and is hanging on to the shell where it came out!

A new addition to this area is an enclosure with two sloths.  They have got to be the cutest things ever!  It's quite interesting to get so close to them!  Of course, I don't have a picture of them...who knows why??

We spent quite a long time here, just watching the butterflies.  It was quite relaxing.  I'm guessing this is all part of where the name "The Peace Lodge" comes from!  For me anyway, every time I've been here - everything about this property evokes a sense of peace!  It's hard to believe we haven't even had lunch yet!  What a morning it's been!

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