Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Our cabin and sailing away!

It was time to go check out our cabins, and then get ready for our sail away from Ft. Lauderdale! We were on deck 9, and as I mentioned, we had cabins right across the hall from one another, a Boardwalk Balcony for the kids and an Ocean View Balcony for Keith and I. 

When we went in to drop off the carry on bags and do a quick "check out the cabins" we were lucky enough to have our luggage be dropped off already! By the time stamps on the pictures it was about 3:45, so we were lucky that it came so early! 

Just a couple of pictures of our cabin

And a picture of the bathroom, sort of! It's pretty difficult to actually get a picture of the bathroom, but I'm guessing most of you have seen the pictures before!

I don't have pictures of the kid's room, but it was exactly the same as ours, although we did have their beds split apart. At some point I know I have a picture of them sleeping, which I will post  and they'll love me for that! So you'll see the split bed configuration! And I do have pictures of the Boardwalk from their balcony.

We had a bit of time before we had to be at the muster drill, so being the super mean mom I am, I made everyone unpack right then and there! Also, I wanted to hang out in case we got a chance to meet our cabin steward. I wanted to make sure he knew the kids were across the hall, and also, tell him to split their beds, and as so often seems to happen, our safe was locked shut when we got to the cabin, so that had to be fixed. 

So, we did unpack, we met our cabin steward who was incredibly friendly and did a super job all week, and then left for our muster drill which was in the Adagiao Dining Room. It was fast and to the point. Once done, we went up to Deck 15, I think?? for the sail away. It was already pretty crowded so finding that perfect spot anywhere was going to be tough! But we found someplace to stand. We didn't have much time because we had our first specialty dinner reservations tonight! Chops at 6:00!

Here we are, finally ready to set sail! It was a beautiful afternoon in Ft. Lauderdale!

There were a few other ships in port with us that had to leave first....

Just waiting our turn!

I love the ships all lined up sailing away.....

Well it only took about 24 hours from the time we left home, but Alex is putting the "hand" up so he's not in every single picture! Really kid! Doesn't he know me by now!!

Ah...but if I get a ship photographer to take a picture, he won't cover his face will he??

And ship number four in front of us heads out!

Could this finally mean it's our turn?

See ya later Ft. Lauderdale! We're off!

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