Friday, July 10, 2015

The longest day in Paris ever continues! Our arrival day of touring....part 2 6/19/15

Our first day in Paris continued!  We said goodbye to Justine, and set off on our 2CV tour!  Well, what is a 2CV tour?  These are Citro├źn 2CV cars, which are vintage cars designed as early as the 1940s. They were very popular from that time through the 1990s even!  They looks somewhat like a Volkswagen Beetle, but they have a wide canvas roof! And the ones that do the tours, the roof is clear.  Since it's canvas, or in this case plastic, it's rolled back and the roof is removed.  It's a strange little car.  Very basic. But it fits pretty much everywhere! Our goal here was to go on a driving tour hitting some of the highlights of the city. We'd be back after our river cruise for a more in depth visit. Right now, we wanted to sort of sit back and enjoy the ride and see just what was out there! And so we did!

Our first stop was Notre Dame.  I hopped out for a few pictures.  It was crazy crowded!  We'd be back here later for an inside visit. But it was nice to get the feel today, get the picture from the end of the plaza area. 

As we were driving, our driver, who was this "little girl" as Carol kept referring to her - she was, she was a tiny little blond girl with her hair in braids...anyway, she would point out the various buildings we were passing.

Our next stop was Montmarte & the Sacre Coeur.  I was pretty happy we had a stop here because I didn't know if we'd get to visit this area at any other time!  We didn't go into the Sacre Coeur, but the view was great!

And one of a few "selfies" taken with the dreaded selfie sticks!  Being that it was just the two of us for part of this trip, I do think having a selfie stick can be a huge benefit if used appropriately!  Otherwise we'd have virtually no pictures of both Carol and I together....I learned that I'm not very talented at using one, and I also learned that I was horrible at remembering to charge it!  Who remembers that?  It's bluetooth....

And another picture of the two of us with Paris in the background

After a bit of time there, taking in the view, we moved up, the Arc de Triomphe!  It's a monument we all know right?  Well, until you are driving right by it, it's hard to comprehend just how big that monument actually is! 

After driving a bit longer, our tour had come to an end.  We arranged to be dropped off near our next destination.  No, our day had not yet come to an end!  We were still going! But first, a break for some wine and cheese as our next event didn't start for about an hour.

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