Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Local Lunch during our Taste of Normandy Day! June 23, 2015 part 2

After our visit to Bayeux we were off to our next stop, lunch.  We went to a little village, Beuvron-en-Auge, which is known as "One of the most beautiful villages in France". It didn't disappoint! It was quaint, and so picturesque! We had lunch at a little B & B called Aux Trios Damoiselles.

We all ate together at a nice farmhouse style table in what I believe used to be a horse stable.  

And it's no surprise that cheese was our first course!  

I love cheese, I love France!  I've never had such amazing cheese.  We had a bit of a lesson on the cheeses too.

The French cheeses we can buy here in the US are not the same as the French cheeses in France.  In France they are not pasteurized, which means they can't be imported in the US.  These cheeses are just amazing.  

This one is a bit blurry, but we of course couldn't have cheese without some crusty bread, and our first bit of Calvados for the day.  Here we had the Calvados cider.  

Next up we had a meat platter.  It was somewhat like chicken salad and then a salami, and tomatoes.  Tasted better than the picture looks!

Then of course some quiche....

Then onto dessert.  Everything was freshly, homemade. This was a pudding, similar to a rice pudding.  This is our guide telling us about the dish. It was made right in this big stone bowl.  

And this was our hostess serving it to everyone.  She did it all!

Lunch was great! Afterwards we had about thirty minutes or so to walk around the village.  We shopped and took pictures and just enjoyed the beautiful day.

This was the courtyard of the area where we had lunch, at Aux Trois Damoiselles.

After exiting the courtyard, you walked into a little village area with just a couple of streets, lined with shops and restaurants.

Now, if we wouldn't have just had lunch, this would have been a great place to stop!

We were definitely visiting at a great time of year, June, as the flowers were blooming everywhere!

After our visit in town, we met up again with our group, and were ready to move on to our next destination.  Next up, we'd be learning about how Calvados is made!  We were ready!

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