Monday, August 3, 2015

Back to the ship for crepes and a Pastry Demo! 6/20/15

After our morning in Giverny, we returned to our ship and had the option of our regular lunch, which by the way was quite good! Or we could have some made to order French crêpes.  As you probably could guess by now, Carol and I went for the crêpes!  One of the nice things about a river cruise, is that the ports are close together by land, or by car, so as we were docked in Giverny two pastry chefs came on board and provided this lunch and a pastry demo for us! Then they were able to disembark when we docked in our next town, which was only a short drive back for them, even if it was a few hours along the winding Seine River!

We got to choose our fillings - there was chicken, ham, different veggies and cheese.

There was also a standard crêpe or a buckwheat option.

Carol and I enjoyed our lunch in the lounge area.  

We had a short break after lunch, and then a little "cruise briefing".  During this time our cruise director told us about the optional excursions that would be available the rest of the week, as well as the choices for the included tours. We had a chance to make changes to the choices we had pre selected before we sailed if we wanted to, and there was never a feeling of pressure to purchase the optional tours, which was nice.

Before long, we were sailing again from Giverny to Les Andelys, where we'd have our late afternoon excursions! During our sailing time, of course there was something to occupy our time....a pasty demonstration from the chefs that came on board!

He was making a Paris Brest pastry.  Sort of like a cream puff, but not quite.  

Before long, he had some help from some fellow passengers

The two in the back are the finished products, and the rest are other pastries that were brought on board, or made before the demo. Quite tasty!

All the while, we were sailing by charming little towns, and and had quite nice views to look at!

Before long, we arrived at Les Andelys.  We had two options here, as in most towns.  We could choose to either do a walking tour of the town Petit Andely, or walk up to the top of the hills (note this is a steep uphill walk, but very worthwhile!) to visit the castle ruins of Richard the Lionheart.  What would we choose?   

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