Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Returning to the Avalon River Cruise Story! A day in Rouen, France! Day 6, June 24, 2015

As so often does, life gets a bit crazy busy and time goes by a bit too quickly!  With school starting for my kids, and a few other trips between the last time I posted and now, I'm just finding the time to return to sharing the story from my Avalon River Cruise back in June!  Thanks for hanging in there!  We left off after a day in Normandy, enjoying Calvados and other treats!  Today, we're heading to Rouen! We had a slightly later start so I finally took a few pictures around our ship that I want to share!  We were on the Avalon Tapestry II, which is one of the Suite Ships with many of the cabins having the Wall to Wall Panoramic Windows.  

There is a nice lounge area in the back of the ship that always seemed to have snacks out.  In the morning, pastries and at night maybe cookies.

Also a nice area with a TV, some books and games, and just a nice social area with lots of windows to see the beautiful views!

Carol is all ready to start the the ship tour continues at lunch!  Off we go to Rouen!

Rouen is the capital of Upper Normandy and has an interesting contrast of modern architecture where the city had to be rebuilt after the destruction from World War II, and then the remaining architecture from before, including its centerpiece - Gothic church.  But perhaps Rouen is most notable for the story of Joan of Arc's death!  We would hear about it all today!

Our guide began with a map of what Rouen once looked like and painted the picture of its history as we started to walk through the city.

All streets seem to lead back to this Gothic cathedral!  It actually inspired a series of works by Claude Monet who sat in the room here, looking out this window to paint...

We spent a bit of time here learning about the facade of this cathedral and the history behind it.

And in contrast to the Gothic cathedral, just across the street, the post-war architecture just jumps out at you!

We went inside and our guide stayed with us to tell us about what we were seeing

He told us about the significance of the different types of stained glass and the stories that were told in the different panels of glass.

There's of course a statue of Joan of Arc in the cathedral

But there are also the tombs of the early Norman dukes, including Rollo

And the tomb where Richard the Lionheart's heart is buried is here too...remember we went to the ruins of his castle earlier?

There are also statues of many of the different saints

It was quite a cathedral!  But our tour wasn't up, we'd walk through the town and continue with the history of Rouen and Joan of Arc!

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