Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Our day in Budapest Continues! On Wheels! Day 6, May 31, 2016

Alex and I left off after our fantastic food tour and caught the Hop On Hop Off bus, heading towards Heroes Square. We had a bit of time before our next adventure so the thought we'd get a bit more sightseeing in. 

We were following our now familiar loop, passing Parliament....

But this time we veered off to a new direction and got to see some new streets, and buildings and parts of Budapest we hadn't seen yet!

We took the bus to Heroes Square, which is one of the most visited spots in Budapest.

We would be coming back here again, but here there is the Millennium Monument, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the square is surrounded by the Museum of Fine Arts on one side and the Hall of Art on the other. 

Our plan was to walk from here down Andrassy Avenue, which is a beautiful wide street filled with shops and restaurants, to get to our next tour. We sort of underestimated how long of a walk it would be!  While we did walk it, it was more of a sprint than a stroll!

We made it though, and we were pretty excited!  It would be our first time to try a Segway tour! And we ended up being the only two people to be on this tour, which made it extra great! I was pretty glad too, because I felt more at ease with it all, and felt I was able to go at our own pace. Even though I think I picked it up pretty easily, being the only two in our group, I never felt like we were rushed at all. 

We started with a short lesson on how to maneuver the Segway and when we felt comfortable, off we went! We went all over the city. Our guide was great, and he would stop often, giving us mini-history lessons and allowing us to take plenty of pictures.

Our first stop was at St. Stephen's Cathedral. 

Alex made sure to get the "look mom, no hands" pose in!

Then we made our way all the way to Margaret Island. I was really glad we got there. It was so beautiful! Almost had a Central Park feel to it. I know if not for the Segway Tour, we wouldn't have made it there.

Then we stopped on the bridge that connects Buda and Pest, for of course, another view of the river and the Parliament Building.

The Danube was beautiful as evening started to fall...

We moved along, and as we became more comfortable on the Segways, we really picked up some speed. It was definitely a fun way to travel the city, seeing so many areas in a relatively short time!

At each stop we learned a bit more. And often we'd stop, but and I wouldn't be able to take pictures because we'd pause for just a short time. But we stopped at many, many monuments!  Budapest is filled with so many significant monuments from their fascinating history.

Our tour lasted just about 3 hours, which seemed to be a perfect length for me. Afterward Alex and I walked back to our hotel, stopping for dinner at a cafe near the Opera House. Here we had the best pizza! 

Today was such a great day in Budapest! 

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