Wednesday, April 9, 2014

So our journey continues - off to the airport for our trip to the Osa Peninsula!

We were up early, our last morning at the Peace Lodge, and our driver, Wilson was right on time waiting for us.  He felt bad about taking us on the road that was in such bad conditions a few days earlier and to show how horrible he felt, he had a nice gift bag for us.  He told us he wouldn't be driving on that road again any time soon!

We said our goodbyes to the staff, and were on our way to the Sansa terminal for our flight on the small plane to Puerto Jimenez.  We were making good time, so Wilson asked if we'd like to stop for some coffee and snacks at the Doka Coffee Estate.  Well, sure!  

On past trips we'd rented a car, and liked the flexibility of driving at our own pace, but it was also so nice to have a driver to make suggestions of where and when to stop - at places we may not have thought of, and also to have him watch our belongings in the car as well.  Wilson had been fantastic through each leg of our journey!

We didn't have time to take the coffee plantation tour, but we did have time to walk around a bit and take some pictures.  Such beautiful views!

Even without the tour, we did get to go down to the fields and find out a bit out the coffee process and see some of the beans!

We got to the Sansa terminal with plenty of time to spare.  They weighed our carry on luggage and we had some time to relax while waiting.

Our flight was on time, it was just us and one other family.  It was a smooth ride...and the views were great!  

We were met by our driver from Bosque del Cabo, and loaded everything up into the Land Rover for the bumpy drive!  We stopped at the local supermarket for some snacks and off we went.   

Yes, that's a very crammed ride...when it started to rain, we had to put all the luggage that was on the roof inside the vehicle...This was going to be quite an adventure wasn't it?

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