Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wrapping up the last day at the Peace Lodge, Costa Rica

After our visit to the Butterfly House it was lunch time.  We decided to go to the buffet restaurant.  We had a pretty good meal, at a reasonable price and everyone found something they liked.  The rain started during lunch, but that didn't stop us!  As my parents had come to realized, in Costa Rica, you don't let the rain stop you from anything - just just put your rain gear on and carry on!  

We wanted to take full advantage of all of the other exhibits on the property, so we went to visit the snakes, the frogs, the Casita and the big cats!

Alex and Megan at lunch

The kids doing some chores at the Casita

This is a replica of a traditional Costa Rican Casita

Time to take the Ox out for a ride!

The inside of the Casita, this is the dining room table set up for a meal

This is one of the cats in the Big Cat area.  Each has a sign letting the visitors know its history, such as where it was rescued from and the condition it was in when it was rescued.  

After visiting the rest of the exhibits, and the rain let up, we decided to check out the pool, while my parents relaxed on their balcony.  We'd never been to the pool here before and it was really cool!  There is a warmer waterfall pool and a really cold pool, along with a nice hot tub.  While we relaxed here, the fog started to roll in....it was quite the cloud forest view!

After hanging out at the pool for quite some time, we went back to our room and ordered room service for dinner and got a couple of DVD's from the front desk.  We spent the night just relaxing in our amazing room.  I checked my email to confirm our transfer the next morning.  Tomorrow we'd be flying on the small planes - to the Osa Peninsula, to one of my favorite places ever - Bosque del Cabo!  

We had a great stay here at the Peace Lodge, it was a great hit with the kids and my parents.  I'm not sure we'd stay here again, because it is quite expensive, but it's such a relaxing and unique destination!  It's sort of a place for us to re-energize and gear up for the next part of our journey.  

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