Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Our Final Stop, a morning in NYC before heading home!

So - our last night ended and really, the final morning is always uneventful. I mentioned we decided to carry off our own luggage. It's just so much easier! We went to the buffet for breakfast and then went back to the cabin to pick up the luggage and just walk on off the ship. Always just so sad!

We had train tickets for around 2:00 pm, and it was early, around 9:00 or so. So, we went to Penn Station and found out we could store our bags for a really inexpensive rate! I think for 3 suitcases and 2 of our carry on bags it was like $30? Maybe less, maybe more. I know it was cheap and we didn't have to walk around the city with luggage or even backpacks!

So, off to Time's Square we went! I may have mentioned this, but Megan is a NYC nut! She loves everything about the city. She wants to live there when she's old enough. She wants to go to college there and she can navigate the subway as if she's been living there her entire life!

So - here we are waiting to get into Toys R Us....we played tourist for a day!

You can see how much Megan loves the city, and well, how much Alex just doesn't care so much!

 But put him in a toy store, and he's pretty happy!

Oh no, not the scary dinosaur!

And the Hulk has her now!

Is this even necessary?

After Toys R Us, we tried to get to the BIG comic book store, which I can't remember the name of right now, but wouldn't you know it wasn't opened yet! It was only 11:30 and it didn't open until 12:00! What a disappointment! 

So we walked to Bryant Park and hung out for a bit. 

Then we made our way back through Time's Square, grabbed lunch and took the subway to the train station to catch our train home....

Our trip had come to an end....I can say that while we were all a bit hesitant and not sure how we'd like the Breakaway after not loving the Epic as much as we wanted to last year, we could not have had a more amazing time! There will always be little things that are not amazing, but this was a wonderful trip! We prepared for it in the short time we had before going. We set our expectations and this trip went far beyond them, and Bermuda was way more than we could have imagined!

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