Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Everyone Loves a Parade! The Move It, Move It Parade! 2/9/15

We left off at the end of the Central Park Tour....the plan was to meet the kids "somewhere in the Royal Promenade" for the Move It! Move It! Parade! Great plan right? There must have been at least 1000 of the 6000 people on board doing just that! So, Keith and I found a few chairs in front of Sorrentos, the pizza place, and sat down. We knew Alex, and Alex eats pizza. Oddly enough, he doesn't really eat pizza at home though, just when we're on vacation. Strange kid. But we knew that if he came through the Royal Promenade, he'd stop for pizza....and sure enough - that they did! So, Megan and Alex stayed for the parade, while Keith went out to get some sun. 

We told him to try to find two chairs by the Beach pool. Sure, we'd find him - how hard could it be? After all, the kids found us just now! 

We were pretty early for the parade, so we just people watched for awhile. We looked over the Cruise Compass and planned out the rest of the day. Alex got more pizza....perfect spot to wait! And finally the parade started. Mind you, the pictures are really pretty bad. While our spot was good - it was horrible for pictures! The characters all came out right in front of us, and then turned one way or another. So, we saw them just fine, but there was no time to really set up for a picture. So, bear with me here! 

These guys are probably my favorites!

All of the DreamWorks characters made an appearance!

Definitely another favorite of ours!

The crew put on a good show as well!

Well - that was fun! Now the plan was some pool time, and finding Keith. Somewhere along the way we stopped and took a couple of pictures....

The art by the elevators

And here is an overhead view of Central Park

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