Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day 3 - Labadee, Haiti! 2/10/15

Today was already day 3! Our first port day, Labadee. Of the cruises we'd been on before, this was the first time we'd ever been to one of the cruise line's own ports. I can't really say island, because Labadee isn't an island. But we were looking forward to today! Typically we're not beach goers on cruises. We're more of active excursion people. Not that we mind some time on a beach, and as you might guess, by Keith's missing day yesterday, he could spend an entire day parked on a chair at the beach, but when we're out at a destination, especially with the kids, we usually prefer a somewhat active type day. So this was a totally different type of day for us!

So, way, way back in the fall, or maybe it was late summer, I can't really remember when, I got caught up in the hype and booked a cabana for us. There was a super short window of opportunity to book them online and I was able to get a beach cabana. So, we were off the ship fairly early and ready to see just what Labadee had to offer!

It was a beautiful day, and we were ready!

Our first time really standing next to the ship - yup, this is one big ship!

Look out Labadee, here come the masses of people!

But before the fun....that's right, pictures!

I do love the shifty eye look that Alex is giving Megan here!

First up, Keith and Alex decided they wanted to sign up for the wave runners. So before heading to our cabana, they took care of that. They had a 1:00 slot available. We then walked over to where the tram was to take us over to Nellies' Beach.

It was a festive environment, and everyone around was just looking to have a fantastic day! 

We got to our cabana, and were introduced to our butler. He gave us the rundown of how the cabana system worked, and we went into the water. Here's a pretty shaded picture, but you get the idea of how the beach cabana looks.

Here are some Over the Water cabanas

the cabanas come with I think 6 bottles of water? Towels, which I had forgotten, which is why we carried our own, and also 2 of the water floating mats. We left our stuff and into the water we went!

You can get a good view of the beach cabanas here in the background

This is truly the life!

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