Sunday, April 26, 2015

Labadee, Haiti, continued - 2/10/15

So, Labadee....I just loved it! We were the only ship in port, and I have to say, I can't imagine another ship there with us! It certainly wasn't overcrowded, but the 6000 people on the Allure definitely took up the space! When you're on the ship, you're confined and you don't really notice how many people there are. But put that many people on a spread out area and WOW - that is a lot of people!

But, back to Labadee - it was beautiful!

These couple of pictures are from when we were still on the ship - looking out towards the beach area...and yes, it bugs me that they're out of order! But, what can I do now! 

So after hanging out in the water for a bit, we decided to check out the other activities. I knew the kids wanted to do the water inflatable things as some point, and they probably wanted to do the Dragon Coaster. I'm sure Alex had his eye on the zip line, but at $99 for one zip - not really happening unless he wanted to pay for it himself! Plus fitting it all in with the 1:00 wave runner would be tough! It was a little unclear as to how it all worked. I had read that you could get a combo ticket for the water inflatable things with the Dragon Coaster, but what they don't tell you is that you have to ride the Dragon Coaster first, then come show your wristband to purchase the inflatable tickets at the discount. They don't really make this combo thing public. So....after waiting in line for this ticket, no go - off to the coaster which is on the other side of the beaches. 

Get the wristbands there, which when you ride, they take off. So, how do you prove you went on it for the combo ticket?? on the Dragon Coaster...

Here is a picture of Adrenaline Beach, the beach over by the Dragon Coaster and the one that the zip line goes right by

Afterwards, we went back to "our beach" and the cabana...this was our view from there

It was about time for Keith and Alex to head over to the wave runners and Megan and I decided it was time for lunch.

Lunch at Labadee....if I had to pick one thing that I thought was the tiniest of issues there, it would have to be lunch. And this isn't even a huge deal, but it's sort of a combined mini-complaint.

First, we had the cabana. And there's been some back and forth as to if all cabanas get the upgraded lunch at Barefoot Beach, or just the Suite Cabin Cabanas. Currently, or at least recently the "regular" cabanas do say that they include the Barefoot Beach upgraded lunch. Which really isn't a huge deal except to say there can't possibly be the line that there was at the buffet that we encountered! We didn't ask if we got the upgraded lunch, mainly because our butler told us where our lunch was, and it was in no way the Barefoot Beach lunch. 

Oh well..... as for the buffet itself. It was very crowded. We stood in line for probably 30-40 minutes. There are a couple of different food buffets. There are picnic tables set up to eat at. The food is hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs - typical picnic food. It was fine. As we were walking back with our plates, several people asked us where the food was - they had no idea. So I think it could be better marked or even somehow announced when lunch is served. 

But enough of that.....we ate and that was that! So, Keith and Alex came back and wouldn't you know it - they got to the wave runners, did their "training video" of course had to get their picture taken on the wave runner

Only to be told after all that time - that they were cancelling all of the runs due to the high winds! Wow.....they were disappointed! And what a lot of time wasted since it was pretty clear that it was windy from the time they got there and there was probably no intention of them going out from the start! The zip line was also shut down for the rest of the day. So - if you plan on doing either activity - do it early, just in case!

Megan enjoying some relaxing time after lunch, what would we we do next? This was a pretty perfect place to be wasn't it?

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