Thursday, June 11, 2015

A day at Sea on the Allure! 2/14/15

Here we are, the last day on board the Allure! How could our trip be ending already? There is still so much left we want to do! We feel like we're just starting to feel comfortable on this massive ship! We have our bearings, our groove, our routine, and now they're kicking us off tomorrow? This is definitely a back to back cruise kind of ship! 

So much to pack in today! Sure, vacations are for relaxing! And we've relaxed, mostly in a mental - we're not at work or school kind of way! We've had so much fun, but what about the flowrider? The zip line? The rock wall? Alex wasn't going to miss those things now was he?

Our day started with breakfast in the main dining room...definitely our sea day favorite!

Can never get enough of just gazing around this ship! Just look at the Boardwalk!

So, I'm pretty sure these next two pictures were from the first sea day, or maybe the 2nd one, but I'm going to throw them in here because well, where else can I put them? There are all kinds of fun happenings during the day. Do them, or don't do them right? Some will be your kind of thing, some not. Well, during the course of the cruise a few definitely called out to Megan and I in that we did was Movie Love Song Music Trivia - that was a ton of fun! Pretty challenging! But I have no pictures of that one! Another that we loved was the "Selfie Scavenger Hunt"! This was so much fun!

We met at Boleros and were given our instructions. Each team had a list of I believe 20 places or items we had to take a selfie at. We only had around 30 minutes to get as many of the selfies as possible. Now, these places were scattered all over the ship! That was a huge challenge! Then we came back and whoever got back 1st, 2nd and 3rd got some bonus points. There were some pretty easy ones, but some were a bit more challenging, and others you had to interact with crew or guests - like take a picture with a receipt, so we went into one of the shops and after someone bought something asked them if we could borrow their receipt!

But here are a couple of our pictures

Selfie with a crew member

Selfie with both of us drinking out of separate straws, same drink (something like that!)

So next up Alex did the zip line. Apparently he had done it earlier in the cruise, but didn't tell me before, so I didn't have any pictures! And this time, my camera lens was all fogged up, only I didn't realize it at the time, I just thought it was sun glare. It was a bit tough to see the screen in the sun, so I didn't really know what the pictures looked like - otherwise I probably would have told him to do it again! This was my little Olympus water camera....I knew I should have been lugging around my tried and true DLSR! Grrr! But anyway - time to zip line!

and here he comes!

Something about that zip line did make me a bit nervous though. We've zip lined on the longest and farthest ones in Costa Rica, but this one, I don't know - maybe it just doesn't seem natural on a ship?

After the zip line, a game of mini golf!

And there's when I noticed the moisture on my lens! ACK! It wasn't sun glare while Alex was zip lining, it was moisture! It was on the whole lens and was now just a small circle in the middle! This is a brand new, waterproof camera! It shouldn't have any moisture inside the lens! Eventually it evaporated, but I'm hoping this isn't a problem going forward. Yesterday was the day we used it in Cozumel and it was underwater quite a bit. Hopefully it wasn't a problem from that and it was more of a humidity issue, not that it's any better!

Judging by the pictures, I'm thinking now we went down to the Boardwalk. I know that Alex went to the Rock Wall, and we had to time the open climb with the Madagascar "Let You Entertain ME" show! Because, we're all really kids at heart and we love that kind of thing! So, on the way to the rock wall, Megan had my camera and was playing with the artistic settings. I really like how some turned out!

Oh but WAIT!......before getting to the Rock Wall - MOM....we haven't ridden the Carousel! STOPPPPPP...

See, just too much to fit into one last day. Too much to fit into one cruise! 

Oh, and hey - before we go any further, can we please get some balloon hats made? Please? 

The balloon man cart

A flower for Megan

And a mohawk for Alex

I have to say, my kids sometimes just crack me up!

I truly don't make them do these things!

And then we made our way finally to the rock wall!

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