Monday, June 8, 2015

Wrapping up our day in Cozumel!....2/13/15

After Alex and I snorkeled for quite some time, we went to see what else there was to explore. Do you get the feeling that he and I like to explore and Megan and Keith like to "chill"? Well, yup - that's the division in the family! It works out pretty well!

Anyway, we walked around and found the Botanical Gardens, and this is where they have all of these replicas of Mayan artifacts. Pretty cool!

Yup, he's the explorer in the family!

There was also a replica Mayan house set up. This was pretty cool!

And then there was an area with some information about the Mayan calendar, the Mayan counting system and it looks like maybe a ceremony area. I can't quite remember.

Some information about the Mayan civilizations through time

Ahhhh....I knew I had a picture of a map of Chankanaab! Here it is! A little late in the story, but here you can see just how much there is at the park! Really, we only scratched the surface!

Next to the exit of the garden is the Tequila Tasting area. We never made it there!

After wandering through the gardens and seeing the Mayan replicas, Alex and I found the crocodiles!

They had two or three areas with several crocodiles lying around in some water. And the zip lines went above the crocs....

Then we finally made our way back to the beach, and Keith and Megan saw us coming and walked over to meet us. It was about time for our day to end.

We all loved it here at Chankanaab and all got to do things we enjoyed! The manatees, sea lions, snorkel, relax on the beach, explore! It was a pretty perfect day! Again!

And apparently there is even more here! Look a spa!

And just some more picture as we walked back to the lockers

And this is actually the entrance, but I didn't take the pictures of the entrance until we left!

We took the taxi back to the port and wandered through the shopping area to the line to get back on the ship. We didn't shop this time, I had already gotten my magnet at Chankanaab, so we just went straight to the ship. These guys were playing music while we waited.

That's a lot of ship!

We went up to the "secret balconies" to check out the view before sailing away from Cozumel. 

And here comes the pilot boat! Must be time to go!

The Carnival Dream leaving a bit before us

Tonight's dinner was the Samba Grill. We always have enjoyed the Brazilian Steakhouse restaurants. Both at home and on past cruises. But this one, well it just didn't quite do it for us. It wasn't bad, but it just wasn't as good as the other specialty restaurants were and it definitely wasn't as good as the other Brazilian Steakhouses we've been to. We just felt that the meat wasn't as seasoned as it could have been. Yes, there was plenty to eat, but we just really didn't want to eat it so much.

I think this was the different bowls of sauces for the meats. Two sauces and a salt. If I'm wrong, someone please let me know! It's been months now since that meal and my memory is definitely not what it used to be!

After dinner we went to the Blue Planet Show....this was another miss for our family. I thought it was ok. The rest of them, well they really didn't like it at all. I think the description in the Cruise Compass led one to believe that there would be a bit more acrobatics and "breathless" moments. But they felt it was a bit slow. Interesting concept, but I think they all liked Ocean Aria and that type of show far more.

This part of the show was pretty cool though!

After the show we went to the Boardwalk and the kids decided to get some candy. Alex is a huge candy kid! He loves the gummy candy, but with his braces, that's out for now. So he went with some sort of sour hard candy. 

Megan meanwhile checked out the stuffed animals...that's more her thing! I told her they wouldn't fit in her suitcase! 

Tonight we had a bat waiting for us!

Tomorrow....always a sad day, our final day on board....but today, another super day! I've loved every single port day! 

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