Monday, June 1, 2015

Snorkel & Beach time at Chankanaab! Cozumel continued! 2/13/15

So, we had just finished off with the Sea Lion Encounter....after our negotiations with the picture people and a bit to eat for lunch, we still had quite a lot of time before we had to head back to the ship! Whoo Hoo! So, we went to go explore the rest of the park, and mostly Alex and I wanted to snorkel. 

We we had arrived and stopped at the desk, the woman had told us about the different huts along the beach that rent the snorkel equipment. We walked along until we got to I think the 4th hut. Along the way we passed the lagoon area, which isn't for swimming, but is really pretty!

You can see here where one of the zip lines goes by. There is a zip line course that has been recently added. It's an extra fee, and you can purchase it as a stand alone or part of various packages. We knew we didn't have time to zip line and snorkel, and this time we picked snorkeling!

There were some nice iguanas lying around the lagoon area getting their sun for the day!

And I thought the beach here was gorgeous!

So, Alex and I rented our snorkel equipment. I can't remember how much it was, but I'm thinking maybe $12 for mask and fins? And then there are other little huts where you get the life vests. You just have to leave an ID, like your driver's license. I believe they had signs up saying that the vests were mandatory. And the day we were there it was fairly choppy in the water. Both Alex and I are strong swimmers, but I felt safer with a vest on. 

There are steps along the entry to the water. It's not a sandy walk entry. It's a drop off, so you would walk in using the steps. 

Here you can see how the entry into the water looks, from our view - in the water. These steps were all along the beach so you could get in or out at several different spots

There was a decent amount of fish, and coral. Nothing spectacular, but it was nice to be out there. 

We came across this big school of fish, which was pretty cool!

And not the best picture, but this looks like a cannon or something

Here's another one of the school of fish - I loved these guys!

So, while Alex and I were snorkeling, Megan and Keith were hanging out on the beach. Megan had my regular camera and she was busy taking her own pictures!

So this is the far end of the beach. The huts are where you can rent the snorkel gear. I think one may have had massages going on? I'm not sure if any had food...I never checked. And the chairs, they didn't look very comfortable at this part of the beach! 

A nice view of the whole area. You can see the platform in the water. This was a nice resting area after being out snorkeling for awhile! Or a good place to go if you had to adjust your mask!

You can see how close Chankanaab is to the pier Carnival and the other ships dock!

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