Friday, September 19, 2014

Beaches - The Closer You Look The Better We Look! It's true!

Oh boy, that alarm clock went off way too early!  But it was a 6 am wake up, breakfast at 6:30 and then a marketing forum!  We were off!  Beaches here we are, and we weren't wasting a moment!  My friends and I decided to meet at Cafe de Paris for a nice French pastry know, go to the French Village, have some Crepes...what could be better?  It was a beautiful walk over and suddenly the transformation from my Key West Village to France was clear!

This is the Italian Village pool on my walk over.  

We had an great morning forum, for about 3, maybe 4 hours.  Lots of speakers from Sandals and Beaches.  The energy these people have is amazing!  So much to learn and really so informative!  Right here, this was one of the highlights!  I know right?  Sitting in a conference room, a highlight when there is so much Caribbean outside the door?  But it was....

Sandals has a great foundation that supports the local schools and this is a small part of what some of the travel agents brought with them to donate.  Great cause!

In the conference room they had a sample of the Weddingmoon set up you can get at Beaches - they have many different choices.  From the flowers, to the colors, to the tables to the locations at the resort - just a little sample here.  But what a great place to have your wedding and reception!  At any of their properties it would be great, but here you can even bring kids!

We finally got out and got to begin our resort tour.  Exciting!  We started at the Caribbean Village.  Beautiful pools over here and the closest section to the beach!

Just an idea of what one of the rooms looks like - again so many types and you can get concierge service over here or even Butler service!  Who wouldn't want a Butler?  

Love that view from your balcony right?  

And then we moved towards the water sports center... passing by another pool

See the gazebo there, it's one of the spots you could have a wedding - so nice, with the ocean right there!

Just look at that beach!  And the water....beautiful!

This is the water sports center.  Most everything is included with your stay.  Two or three snorkel trips go out daily, the paddle boards, hobicats, even a 2-tank dive is included for those who are certified!  If your not certified, you can pay a bit, do the resort certification (or pay a bit more for the full certification) and start diving!  

Next up.....we continue the resort tour!  Right now, linger at the beach!  You know you want to!  

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