Thursday, September 18, 2014

Same day...another island, another country actually!

And so we were off was time to move on to our next stop, Beaches Turks & Caicos.  While I was really looking forward to visiting the Sandals Resorts, I think I was most interested in visiting Beaches.  For me, this is a property that I just don't think one can truly absorb from their website or brochures and I do get quite a few people asking me about it.  I really felt that in order to properly talk to clients about this property, I had to see it first hand.  And now, having been there, I was definitely right!  Beaches is everything that you hear it is and everything more!  There are so many little details about this resort that I found out and I was beyond impressed. 

So, here we go!  Our quick tour of Beaches!  We arrived just before dinner at the little airport in Turks & Caicos, and since we'd be spending two nights here, we did have to go through customs on site so our trip through the airport was a bit longer here than our zip through the Nassau airport earlier that day.  But that was all fine, soon enough we were on our way.

I forgot to post it earlier, but the inside of our plane was all done up "Sandals and Beaches"!  Pretty cool actually!  

The outside side Sandals...

The other Beaches.

Sandals charters the flights from Flair Air in Canada and they were fantastic.  The crew is with them for more than 20 of these 3 day "FAM" trips this fall, all from different departure cities.  By the end, I'm sure they are exhausted!  We were the 3rd one this year.  The flight crew switches out to a 2nd crew on the way home in Turks & Caicos so they meet the required hours of service etc...A big shout out to everyone who worked this trip!

Ok - back to the tour!  By the time we arrived at Beaches it was dark, so it was pretty tough to get our bearings.  But we did have a pretty great welcome!  

I know, not the greatest of pictures, but I was with a swarm of nearly 200 travel agents and working on about 3 hours of sleep by that's all a blur, not just the pictures!!  

We got our room assignments, some packets of information, checked in and were free for the night.  I was assigned a room in the Key West Village.  Beaches is divided into four villages - Caribbean, which is the oldest section - but closest to the beach and also has some beautiful renovations in the rooms!  The Italian Village which has the family rooms and a very active pool area!  The French Village also has a great pool and is close to the water park!  And then the newest section, the serene Key West Village.

I had the One Bedroom Concierge Suite....finally a bed!  But, no way was I kicking back and relaxing just yet!  I had met some new friends, and it was time to head out!  There are NINETEEN restaurants here and we were going to dinner!

Here are some pictures of my room...

It's funny because yes, the room has a full kitchen, and yes you're at an all-inclusive resort - and yes they flat out tell you - We DON'T recommend cooking in your room!  Apparently this property used to be a condo resort and the kitchens were there previously, they just didn't remove them - just don't cook in your room please!

Once I did a quick unpack, it was off to dinner - we went to Neptunes Mediterranean Grill, right by the beach.  Fantastic seafood!  Then it was time to call it a would be a busy day tomorrow...starting with a marketing forum and then a resort tour!  

The courtyard in the Veranda building of the Key West Villas at night...

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