Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Loving the Island Life - a private island that is!

After our tour of the main property at Sandals Royal Bahamian we got on their boat for the short ride to their own private offshore island!  Now, up until then I will honestly say Sandals was pretty much like most other all-inclusive, adult only resorts I've been to.  Yet, in the Bahamas choices are pretty limited when it comes to this type of resort.  But once we got on this boat and went to the island everything changed.  This is definitely the reason to make this resort a priority!

Our view of the resort as we made our way to the island

We had a great beach lunch set up for us and even a little Junkanoo performance!

After lunch we had a couple of hours to explore the island, or even just hang out and relax at the pool on the island - yes, the island has it's own pool!  Or we could lounge at one of the two beaches!  There even is a little zen spa right there!  

The sky was looking a bit ominous, but it was off in the worries!  

The view in this direction - sunny and blue!

There were little huts like this, hammocks, swings, and just secluded spots all over the island.  You would never feel crowded here! 

We all were thinking this for sure!  But alas, our time here was coming to an end, and we had more stops on this trip!  It was time to head off to our next destination!

We had an incredibly warm welcome in the Bahamas and really enjoyed our short time there!

And what a nice send off as well - off to the airport we go!  Time to head to Turks & Caicos!  

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