Friday, September 26, 2014

It's time for some sailing! Catamaran Style!

During our free time, we had an option to go on a Catamaran Tour with Island Routes. They are the tour provider for Sandals and Beaches resorts.  We were encouraged to take this tour so that we, as agents, could let our clients know what kind of tour operators they were so we could properly advise them.  So, I thought long and hard....Catamaran or the pool or the beach....Catamaran won out!  I'm a boat loving person, so it was an easy decision!  Even with that stormy sky overhead!  We were assured that where we were heading the skies would be beautiful!  No worries!

Off we went.  The staff was a lot of fun, as were the Sandals reps!  On the way out to Iguana Island there was rum punch, and of course water and playing and it was great to relax and take in the sites of Turks & Caicos from the ocean!

We anchored and while this trip we didn't snorkel, on other tours they bring out the snorkel gear.  For us, there was a volleyball net set up, you could walk the beach, swim in the ocean and there was this really cool area across the island with a lot of tide pools - which by then my phone battery was dead and I had left my other camera on the catamaran!   But here's what I do have pictures of!

And look at that blue sky!  They were right, no storm clouds here!

After probably about an hour, maybe an hour and a half, we were back on board and sailing back to Beaches.  On the way back they had fruit, cheeses and other snacks along with the bar set up.  

Here is a look at Beaches as we are almost back

It was a great time, one that I'm glad that I decided to do!  I'd recommend Island Routes to anyone for a tour operator!  Next, time for some quick souvenir shopping before the Sesame Street Parade and then dinner!

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