Saturday, December 27, 2014

An afternoon in San Juan! - Monday, November 17th

Today we would be docking in San Juan....this was a port day where we didn't really have a plan. I tried, I really did! Keith and I have been to Puerto Rico a couple of times and I really love it there. We'd been there on cruise stop before and that time went to the fort and did a food tour. Both enjoyable! Then Keith and I did a land vacation and really got to see more of what the island had to offer. We really would have loved to have taken the kids to the rain forest, or the beach, but our port times were just so inconvenient in my opinion - 3:30 - 10:00. Not beach time, can't really get to the rain forest in the day time. 

We tried to arrange a private food tour in advance and thought we had something set up, and for one reason or another it just never materialized. So we decided we wanted to do the Segway Tour. Turns out that had to be booked directly with the ship, and by the time we decided to do it, it was sold out in advance. We tried booking on board, again - we decided to just wing it. We were going to go to the fort and get dinner. Did we?

Well, first we had a full morning and early afternoon on the ship!

Megan just loved the Hideaway! It's a bit of a dark picture, but you get the idea of how the chairs were shaped!

 After breakfast, we went to Hosea's demo! I don't really have much in the way of pictures, so here he is!

Hosea's demo was a very different style than Tiffany's. He didn't really talk much about what he was doing as he prepared the meal, which I believe was again a fish dish. But he did a Q & A as he cooked, instead of waiting until the end. He was very laid back and he talked about his new restaurant and like Tiffany, he talked about his experience on Top Chef and cooking techniques. At the end, he brought up a couple of audience members to taste his dish. 

Afterwards we probably had lunch and then went to get our stuff together to get ready to head out as we neared San Juan.

Once we got off the ship, for some reason, our plans changed and we decided to take one of the taxi "Old San Juan tours" for $10 person. We thought maybe then we could get off at one of the forts and also see a bit more of the town than just walking up to the fort. The only problem with this was that they waited until the entire van was full, so we sat there for probably 30 or more minutes until we got started. 

Our driver was pretty informative and took us by some government buildings. We stopped at one of the buildings, which I really wish I remember what it was now! 

There was a nice view there and we had some time for some pictures.

Next he drove us around and just sort of narrated what we were seeing and the history of the town. Told us some areas we may or may not want to visit after his tour and we drove by San Cristobal. Then we went to Fort El Morro. 

Again here we had some time to get out - but not at the actual fort, by the cemetery. 

At this point, we could have been left off at the fort, which was our original plan, but it was so close to the closing time, which was 6:00pm, that it just no longer made sense. So we got back in the van and continued on with our tour. 

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