Saturday, December 13, 2014

Cruising out of Miami on the Celebrity Reflection!

Our journey begins!  We're sailing away on the Celebrity Reflection, out of Miami and heading to the Eastern Caribbean!

We chose this cruise solely for the Top Chef aspect. It was initially going to be just a getaway for Keith and I but at the time we booked, there was a great deal for the third and fourth passengers, so it seemed like a no brainer to bring the kids since they love to cruise! And with the Top Chef experiences, I knew it would be fun for them!

Would I be right, or would they be bored on the "grown up" Celebrity ship????'ll have to read on to see! I will admit, Alex was concerned. He loves the teen clubs on the other ships and he knew that school was in session so there wasn't going to be many kids his age on board. And his fear was having to spend every moment on the ship with his sister! The horror! It wasn't the lack of a rock wall or ropes course or water slides that concerned him, but the lack of potential other kids his age.

So, our story begins!

We had an evening flight out of PHL into MIA and it was delayed, just a bit. Made me glad that we didn't fly in the day of our cruise though!   

We spent the night at the Intercontinental Hotel which is right by Bayside. 

It was quite busy when we checked in. The first thing Alex said was that it definitely did not feel like a hotel for "kids" - too many adults going out on the town. Too chic. He thought it seemed to set the tone for the entire trip. Too grown up. He was starting to feel a bit discouraged. But he's a bit like that. 

We walked over to Bayside the next morning and grabbed a bit to eat before boarding. With the new staggered boarding times we weren't scheduled to board until close to 2:00. At first I was a bit disappointed by this, but in the end, it was nice to have a leisurely morning and not have lines checking in on the ship.

Whenever there is talk about sailing with kids on Celebrity, there is talk about taking them out of school! It's an interesting topic isn't it? My kids do Cyber School and are lucky enough to be able to take it on the road. I was super proud of the kids that they worked on some assignments while we were gone.

Checking out the view before heading out for the morning

The lobby of the Intercontinental

went to college in Miami, (cough ahem a somewhat long time ago now) but I always love coming back and visiting the places I used to hang out with my friends! So going over to Bayside which is sort of like what it was so many years ago brings back a flood of memories for me! 

 And there's my group with the Reflection in the background!

Bayside Park

Heading back to the hotel to pack up to leave for the cruise!

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