Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Continuing on in San Juan!

We were on our tour, and had decided that we didn't want to be dropped off at the fort since it was too near the time when it closed.  So we got back on the tour bus and ended up at one of the squares and then walked around a bit before dinner.

We had dinner at one of the restaurants with the outside courtyards....very pretty!

Mofongo - it was pretty good!

The Reflection at night, looks really nice!

And it had started by now to drizzle just a we went back on board.  We were back on board in time to see the 10:30 show, which was an Illusionist show. Kyle Knight and Mistie. If you like Magic, or Illusionist shows, this one was really good! We thought so anyway!

I'm not really one who watches that type of show to try to figure out the HOW they do all of the tricks. I of course wonder how they do it, but I don't try to break the magic of it all. I find it pretty amazing that someone can be so talented to be that quick with their hands or do whatever it all is!

And, for one of the tricks, my son, Alex got to go onstage as his assistant! That was pretty cool! Just disregard the bad picture of the illusionist! No flash so it blurred his face!

After the show, the kids went to the teen club - boy this day went on forever didn't it? And Keith and I went to the Martini Bar. It was really crowded, but we got a drink and sat for a bit.

And a couple of pictures as we left San Juan...

All in all, our San Juan day turned out pretty well. I still would have liked to have visited one of the forts - mostly because I know the kids, mainly Alex would have liked it. Megan, well, probably not as much. I'm a planner, and I don't really like to not have a plan going into a port. Even one that I've been to before. While we saved a lot of money by not doing the food tour or the Segway tour, I still would like to do a Segway tour on one of our future visits! I thought the $10/person was a decent value for what we got to see. But I regret the time we wasted waiting around for the van to be filled. For that reason, I wouldn't do something like that again. 

Next up, our day in St Thomas!

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