Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Planes! Maho Beach....

Our next stop was Maho Beach! If you haven't been to St. Martin, you may not know that this is the beach right next to the airport, and this is where the LARGE international jets come in and fly right over the beach! I knew Alex would enjoy this...but he wasn't so sure. We pulled up to a mob scene! It was crazy. And when our driver told us we'd be here for an hour, or maybe it was an hour and 15 minutes our whole bus grumbled! No one wanted to be there! Come on guys....let's see the planes land! I'll admit it was packed. I think a plane must have just landed or taken off. During our last trip, the tour we had drove by here and we saw the beach area but didn't get to see any action. So I was looking forward to this! Our driver told us to be careful and the risks of being blasted. 

We got out of the van and I checked the board, which again...no picture, sorry! And we had only about 5 minutes until a BIG plane was to land! Cool!

So first some pictures of some small planes. Just a warm up.

So, this would be the big one! An American Airlines jet...

Love this picture - it looks like the plane is going right through this guy's neck!

And here it looks like it's landing on the roof of that car

This time this guy has the plane on his head!

Everyone loved the plane landing....so we stood around, deciding what to do next, when what should happen?

So this plane backs all the way up to the fence to take off. Talk about some jet blasting! Now, I'd heard about the landing, but not much about the blasting! I was pretty happy we were off to the side. I had NO idea just how much the blast, well, blasted! People literally were blown into the water who were standing on the beach! Hats were flying! Sand was blowing everywhere! It was amazing! And pretty funny!

And again, no picture because Alex and I just stood there jaws open saying WOW! Look at that! Then it was over when the plane took off....

And people were all back to normal as if none of the past 10 minutes had happened!

Just look how crowded it is though! If I wasn't here to see the planes, I don't know that I'd want to come to the beach here, or even stop at the bar! What a crazy, crowded place!

So, we had time before our bus was supposed to leave. We sat for a bit. I got a rum punch and Alex a water....again, a nice stop for us!

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