Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Specialty Dining with a Twist! - Qsine!

We were back from our fantastic day in St. Thomas, tonight we had our first specialty dinner reservation in Qsine! For those not too familiar with cruising, you basically have two types if dining.  You have your included dining options, the "Main Dining Room" or your "Specialty Dining".  Most of the cruise lines have several different special restaurants that have different themes or types of food offered for a range of surcharges.  Usually the charge is relatively small, and it's totally up to you if you choose to pay extra to eat, or you can always eat for free in the Main Dining room or the buffet.  We like the specialty restaurants!  So, tonight's choice is Qsine! Qsine is described as a culinary journey with an element of surprise at every turn...would it be?  Keith and I have dined at this restaurant on the Eclipse previously, and we enjoyed it...We were really looking forward to this. However, Alex and Megan are really are somewhat picky. And not the most agreeable! The good thing, they keep bringing food! The bad, what one likes, the other generally doesn't! But we knew we'd have a food adventure one way or another!

Both kids loved the atmosphere and while they thought the menu on the iPads was pretty unique, being raised in the tech age, they weren't quite as "wowed" by it as Keith and I thought it was unique. They wanted to know why there weren't games on it! Although we did enjoy watching the little video clips of the menu items!

 And this is the Menu....pretty cool right?

We chose our menu selections, and like so many people probably do, we chose far, far too many options! But after discussing it with our server, he told us that when we got full, just to let him know and he would talk to us about where we could thin out the choices and we could start cutting back. It was still a tough choice though - Alex wanted such different choices from Megan and we probably ended up getting a lot of food just to try a few bites here and there!

The Sushi Lollipops

This was maybe Voodoo Shrimp? I'm not sure about the names of the dishes at this point - but it was good!

Another one you apparently eat with chopsticks!

 This one was Alex's favorite by far! I think if he ever went back, he'd order four or five of this course alone!

Just look at how happy he finally is to be getting some food HE likes!

One of Alex's favorite things to do with a burger is to put fries on it, and yes - he even got to do that here with the sliders!

Megan made a ketchup smiley face on hers - yes it was quite the whimsical evening!

It was about here that we hit the wall...we truly didn't need this GIANT kabob! 

But, then they brought this, and this was another really huge hit at our table!

Finally, flag waved, make the food stop! I didn't even post pictures of all of the courses we got!  There were several more believe it or not! But then our server brought these little cubes for us to order dessert. As if we could eat another bite! What does our server say? No need to decide, I'll just bring you one of each? Are you out of your mind? Ok - fine do it!

 I don't really remember what was all there - a chocolate wall, decorate your own cupcakes, little donut things, a couple of other things. I really couldn't even take a bite of most, and I feel bad because we didn't eat even a dent in it!

But we did get the Strawberry Fields Forever brought to us, and that was the perfect ending to a great meal that was a lot of fun after a pretty perfect day!

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