Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Relaxing and Fun on our first Sea Day!

Today is our first Sea Day on the Navigator.  Everyone can go and do our own thing and we can enjoy the ship! We set our clocks ahead an hour last night since we are sailing towards Athens. I slept like a log! We planned to meet my parents at 9:00 for breakfast in the Main Dining Room, but I didn’t even wake up until 9:00! No problem there, since we don't really have any plans today! Once everyone was up, the kids, my parents, and I all went to a nice and relaxing breakfast. Keith went to find some chairs and to get some sun. Today was his kind of vacation! Lying in the sun, nothing to do – that is the type of vacation he lives for!

So, breakfast in the Main Dining Room was so much nicer than in the Windjammer, which is the buffet. This was so calm, much more elegant! A nice selection on the menu, as well as a little buffet of their own! We were seated with two other couples. We very much enjoyed breakfast here and would come back on mornings that we didn’t have early port times.

After breakfast we took a little walk around the ship and Alex showed us some of the areas he had found while he was out with he new friends during the teen club.  One was the "Peek a Boo Bridge".  Pretty cool!

The kids and I went up to the Helipad, this is at the very front of the ship.  

It was pretty windy up here!

Next up we found Keith, found some chairs and I started my day of relaxation! Reading in the sun. Lovely!

The weather was fantastic, just a bit of a breeze. Alex went off for the teen photo scavenger hunt and after a bit Megan went to her age group’s activity. This was the first time ever I think I’ve had both kids in their respective clubs at the same time. I just napped in the sun. Heaven!

Tonight was formal night, so at about 5:00 we went back to the cabin to get ready for dinner. The kids were back, and Alex wanted a pre-dinner snack. He decided that since he didn’t usually find anything on the menu he liked for an appetizer, why not! Teen boys, the never ending pit of a stomach! So- while we got ready, he got room service. Pizza for him, and we got the cheese platter and opened our other bottle of wine we brought on board. We really liked the Royal Caribbean room service selections. We thoroughly enjoyed sitting on our balcony with our wine and cheese just watching the sea go by.

Dinner was good. Our servers have realized that Alex likes his steak. A lot. And he doesn’t like any of the sides. After tonight, they would now automatically just bring him two steaks, no sides. Do you want to see a happy face on my son? Bring him two pieces of steak! Without him asking!

The sunset was beautiful as we sailed along...

After dinner, Alex left us for the teen club – I think he wandered back to their cabin sometime by 1:00. The teen curfew is 1:00. This is tough on a parent. You want to be sure your kid is back, but are exhausted and want to sleep! You want them to have a great time, but again, want to sleep! He’s in the adjoining cabin….I told him to make sure he comes in to let me know he’s back when he gets in. That seemed to work for us. Again, we left our balcony’s open, but not the connecting inside doors. When he’d get in, we’d lock our doors out to the balcony. 

My parents, Megan and I went to the show that night. It was the Broadway, Then and Now. I thought it was just ok. I didn’t recognize most of the songs. The performance was good, but I had no idea what shows the songs were from. Megan is heavily into Broadway. She performs with a local theater group and she enjoyed the show, so I guess that says something!

And then it was bed time...Not that I could say an early bed - we sure had a busy day and night!  So much to do and quite a fun day!  But tomorrow would be an early morning and quite an adventure!  Next up....ATHENS!

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