Friday, July 12, 2013

So this is the Navigator of the Seas!

After our luggage arrived, I quickly unpacked - plenty of room for everything here!  And then the kids and I went to explore the ship and played a round of mini-golf.

View of the Pool Bar and the Sky Bar

Megan in the Chapel

Part of the In Line Skating Track

A break from the tour for a nice game of mini golf.  The course was pretty nice for a cruise ship!  Alex won - this round!

Back to the tour.....

The pool deck area - we thought it was a pretty good size.

The Library.  We thought the ship had a really nice Library.  The kids stopped here every day to do the "quiz of the day".

These ship maps could be really helpful!  Especially the first few days on board!

Overlooking into the Main Dining Rooms

And the Promenade!

Those are just a few of the highlights.  There is so much more on this ship!  We'll get to the rest in the days to come.  But now that you have a feel for the Navigator of the Seas, which in case I didn't mention it, is Royal Caribbean, next up.....we Sail Away!

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