Monday, July 15, 2013

A honey farm....

On our way up to the Mt, we made a stop at a local honey farm. I admit we got a little laugh when we arrived because when I thought of farm, I actually expected a farm. Not a bee farm.  I guess that's what happens when you live in farm country, you expect a FARM!  Silly….it was a wonderful stop though! 

They produce mainly honey, but also various other products such as olive oil and wines. We got to sample many little tidbits. One of my favorites was a sweet garlic clove! Many flavors of olives, olive oils with all sorts of infusions of flavors, wines, different pastes that when you add water turns into delicious pasta sauces and of course many different varieties of honey. We made a few purchases here – never felt any pressure to buy. As a matter of fact, the other night we had pasta (bought in Rome!) with the sauce made from the paste from the shop in Italy! Delicious!

One of the hives where they farm the bees - this is the "farm"...

The honey production!

Definitely a blurry picture, but I wanted to include it - just look at all of the different types of olive oils!  We really enjoyed sampling everything here!  They make it all and it was all wonderful!

Sampling the different wines they make....

And look at the varieties of honey too!

I’ll make a short mention here, that it’s when you learn that no matter where you are, and when you stop to always use the restrooms! This has been a questions I’ve often seen posted on the various travel websites I used for my research - about restrooms in Europe. While I didn’t find any particularly awful ones – sometimes they’re not always nearby. I had the most difficult time convincing Megan to go when available, if you know what I mean! Usually in restaurants or places the guides took us, we found very clean WC’s! Don’t wait until you’re at the top of the Acropolis let’s say to have to go!

Anyway…moving on. After our lovely stop we drove ahead towards Mt Etna. The views were spectacular. I kept thinking how it was such an amazing thing that something so devastating could produce a landscape that was so beautiful! Of course the volcanic soil was so rich. The terrain was so unique! The farther up we drove the more fascinating it was! 

Antonio pointed out old lava flows and various species of vegetation. He explained how the landscape changes dramatically around here during the hours of darkness and how he has witnessed foxes, rabbits, owls and even lynx cats up here after nightfall. 

Next's like walking on the moon!

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