Thursday, July 11, 2013

Finishing our first day in Rome....eating our way through the night!

Next we walked to the Jewish Ghetto.  All through the tour, not just was the food great – but we had walking history stops!  It was great – loved it!

We stopped at a little restaurant that I probably would have walked right by had it not been for this tour and we ate right outside.  Here we had more wine of course – and when I say we had wine, they didn’t pour a glass and take the bottle, the put bottles of wine on the tables and kept the wine flowing!  Then for the food we had Orchetti Pasta, Tagatelli Pasta with Alfredo Sauce, Fried Zucchini Flowers and Fried Fish.  These were full size plates of each type of food!
It's not the best picture, but you can see the food!  And how much there is!  This is just one of the servings we had!
Next we stopped by some ruins and Bruno told us what they were and we spent some time there while she showed us on his iPad what that area would have looked like when they were in their original state.

What goes after a great meal, but dessert!  Moving along, we went to a Sicilian Bakery!

Here we had some Cannoli, a cake that looks like – well you can decide what it looks like!  and it's actual name is Cassatini Sicialini and they are named for Saint Agatha who had a cruel punishment in her day!.

We had some granita and samples of some liqueurs.

We walked through Campo de Fiori and you may think that because we had dessert, we’d be done with the main food portion of the night right?  Think again!  Next stop was a Pizza restaurant specializing in dishes from Napoli!  You’re thinking this can’t be true right?  I’m not kidding!  Here we had Pizza Margherita, Bruschetta, Arancini – these are fried rice balls, Eggplant Parmesan, Fresh Mozzarella, some sort of puffed up fried bread thing, a fried potato that looked like a mozzarella stick – oh and more wine! 

After this meal after dessert, we walked through Piazza Navona.  Here Bruno pointed out the statue that if we weren’t already familiar with it, maybe we became familiar with it from Angels and Demons!

Our next stop was at a CafĂ© for Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate.  The place was packed!  It was a very traditional Italian place.  Order and either stand at the counter or go outside and sip your drink.  It was delicious!

Next we walked by the Pantheon.  What a site at night!  Everyone had time for pictures, and as was the rest of the night, Bruno told us all about what we were seeing.

And we still had one final stop.  Can anyone guess what we had missed?  It seems we had eaten our way through Rome already – but we missed one crucial thing – that’s right!  Gelato!  We went to a small family Gelateria.  I had lemon and chocolate, DH had lime and basil, Megan had coconut and mint – and I have no idea what Alex, Mimi or G-pop had!  I was in a definite food coma by this point!  I do know I tasted it all though!

We were totally stuffed as we walked back to our hotel.  It was a short walk back.  We knew we would sleep well.  We would be leaving in the morning to board the Navigator for our Eastern Mediterranean Cruise!  Was it really only yesterday that we were still in Pennsylvania?
Our first day in Rome – there was only one word to describe it – PERFECT!

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