Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sailing Away!

Once we were done exploring the ship, we found Keith and went to the Muster Drill. It was pretty painless. Everyone paid attention and we felt prepared should an emergency happen to occur. Afterwards, we went back to our super balcony, opened our wine and had our own little Sail Away party.

The pictures tell the story.....we are now officially sailing the Mediterranean!  

I'm going to take some time to mention that after we had our own sail away party on the balcony, Mimi, the kids and I went up to the Sky Bar on deck 12 at 5:30 to meet some friends I had met on Cruise Critic. This would be an informal gathering before our official Meet and Mingle scheduled for later in the cruise. Our roll call really took off and there were some of us who seemed to just chat away endlessly about our enthusiasm for our upcoming cruise. And now we were finally there!

Before leaving we set up this little gathering hoping some of us would show up and of course, we had a great small gathering of the friends I had been “talking” with for nearly a year! It was so great to meet in person! Even our kids, or should I say – young adults – or teens, got along wonderfully. We were such a diverse group! We had representatives from the US, Ireland, England and Scotland to name a few! Throughout the week it was so great to bump into each other in the ship, and even in ports and chat as if we were long lost friends! And, yes – we are still in touch and I know we will remain friends. Another great benefit of cruise critic! New friends!  I feel so fortunate to have met such a great group of people.  So a big shout out to my cruise critic friends!  :)

Next up, our first dinner on board!

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