Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Living the Life in Rome!

We strolled back to the apartment, of course taking some time to check out the cats at Largo Argentina, which we would do every chance we got. We’re big cat people, having four of our own at home!

Our apartment is on the 5th floor, but there is a “lift” so we were happy about that! Of course Alessandra told us to only put 3 of us at a time in it – is she trying to tell us something? Nah…it’s old and creaky!

We got back and the apartment was sparkling clean. I was apparently elected as the one to take in the incredible amount of instructions. I followed her around from room to room as she went through everything from how to open the windows, turn on the lights using the remotes, the a/c, the wifi, the trash and recycling (aghhhh!), the laundry, the double key system on the locks on the doors, she showed me the terraces – yes – we had TWO terraces! It was a speed class in how everything in this apartment worked! She knew we had a deadline and didn’t want to make us late for our Colosseum tour, so she went fast! Thankfully she had placed signs everywhere with her instructions written up so I didn’t have to memorize it all!

The apartment was gorgeous. This was the absolute perfect place for us to spread out and relax (ha ha! – did I say relax?) on our last days of our vacation!

One of our beautiful terraces, the lower one.

The front of the apartment - the "terrace" goes all across the front of the apartment with access from the living room, bathroom and bedrooms.

View from the upper terrace.

The upper terrace.

Looking down at the lower terrace from the steps going up to the upper terrace.

And now the inside!

The living room....

Yes there was free wifi - so there was a lot of catching up with home going on here by the kids and myself!

The other side of the living room - the windows could tilt open, lift up, or swing open from the side - that was part of my lesson! 

Dining room - I have to say, we didn't use this room!

The parlor bedroom - this was the room Keith and I got! It opened to the terrace!

The master bathroom (I don't have any pictures of the master bedroom - but it was nice!)

The kitchen, which we didn't cook in, but did use to prepare small breakfasts - think European style - cheeses, meats, fruit and pastry! And we used the refrigerator. Think WINE! And of course Alex's San Pellegrino water etc!

Another view from the front of the apartment - off the living room I believe.

The kid's bedroom - so nice to have twin beds!!!

I don't have pictures of the 2nd full bathroom and actually there was also a 3rd bathroom that was small, but there was a shower/tub in it. It was just very tiny! There was a huge foyer area too. And a little kitchen table sitting area. As well as a large laundry/pantry area. I used the washer and washed all of our clothes before we went home, but could not for the life of me figure out the dryer - even with the instructions! She had several drying racks there and there was enough room in the laundry room to set them up to dry a full load of clothes at time. 

We stayed three nights and found the rental price for the 6 of us to be less than most hotels in that area for a quad room and a double for that same period of time. We loved it there!

The front door! Oh the property is in a building with office space as well as apartments. I think it's mainly offices. After I think 6:00 pm the front door is locked and you need a key to get in. 

And with our quick run through of our home for the next three we went for our tour of the Colosseum!  

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