Friday, September 13, 2013

Sorrento...We end our day on the Amalfi Coast!

We continued our drive, up the coast, or was it down the coast? I'm not even sure! Anyway - we'd be going to Sorrento next! But before we did - another picture stop - one last view of Positano!

We drove along and arrived in Sorrento!

We really only had about 45 minutes here. Sorrento seemed to be all things Lemon! It is a much flatter town than Positano.

We split up here. Megan went with my parents to find Gelato and Alex came with Keith and I.

We stopped in one of the Lemoncello shops and were immediately hit with several samples.

Alex was pretty happy about this! The shop we went into makes their own product and we were sold on a little bottle that was a twisted combination of Lemoncello on one side and the Lemoncello Cream on the other.

I really like the creams…apparently Alex did too and seemed to think I should be buying him his own bottle??? This whole teens drinking in Europe is a bit strange to me! A sample, fine, but a bottle? I don’t think so!

We found Mimi, G-Pop and Megan and met up with Paolo. 

We got into his van and there was this amazing smell…turns out while we were exploring Sorrento he went and found the most authentic Napoli pizza he could get and got Alex an entire pizza and had it waiting for him right there in the van! The smile on that kids face – again – do I have a picture? Of course not~! I’ve really got to work on the pictures of the people and not just the pictures of the places!

Anyway, he passed back that box of pizza and Alex enjoyed that super thin crust pizza in record time. I think he may have passed around one piece for the rest of the van to share – I know it never made it’s way up to the front seat to me though! I think the fact that Alex was so happy truly made Paolo’s day as well! 

On the way back to the ship Paolo and I talked and talked all about his life there in Italy. He was just shocked that we eat Mozzarella cheese that is already shredded and out of a bag! He said he gets suspicious when he visits he mom and she offers to send some home. He wonders if maybe it’s more than two days old? They eat their mozzarella often the same day they get them milk from the cow! And that is why everything tastes just so darn good in Italy!

This was by far the most perfect day, our last port day. Tomorrow we leave our time cruising and move on to an apartment in Rome for three days. Our time on the Epic could not have ended any other way than today. It was amazing.

Tonight we actually had plans to dine separately from my parents. But the date was a significant date. It’s June 25th. Our day was so fantastic that no one dwelled on the fact that it was the anniversary of my brother’s death. It seems sort of strange to mention this in the middle of such an upbeat trip report doesn't it? But I suppose it bears mentioning since the reality is that this trip was actually to put the struggles that came after he was killed (it was medical malpractice - he died as the result of hospital error at age 35) in the past and to get over that for my parents and to start a new beginning for them, and I suppose all of us. Isn't it something that today, on the 6th anniversary of the day he died we had one of the most peaceful and amazing days of the entire vacation? These are the times that if you believe in things like this, you think that maybe he had something to do with it. He was there somewhere knowing it was time to spend that day doing something peaceful and wonderful!  I thank him for that day! I called my mom and asked her if they wanted to have dinner with us “it’s June 25th mom” “wow” she said!

So we all went to Teppanayki. We already had reservations there, and while Japanese is not a favorite of my parents – they joined us and we toasted Johnny. He would have loved this trip. 

Teppanayki was really quite good. Our chef was really great! And my dad, who really is not a fan of Japanese food, said it was the best Japanese restaurant he’s ever been to! 

I had big plans for tonight – I wanted to go back to Howl at the Moon, maybe go to FABBA…but after our busy day and the fact that we had to leave the Epic tomorrow, I ended up just going back to the cabin and packing and then going to bed.

Tomorrow the beginning of the last leg of our journey! Back to Rome for a few days, including going to my mother's family's home town!

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