Monday, September 9, 2013

The Amalfi Coast! June 25th Part 2

Continuing along....when we left off we were getting back into our van with Paolo after a most wonderful and touching visit to Pompeii. We were ready to head off to the Amalfi Coast for the rest of our day!

We began our drive through the Amalfi coast towards Positano where we’d be having lunch. As we started our drive Mt Vesuvius was a constant reminder of our visit to Pompeii.

Such a beautiful landscape, but such massive destruction!

As we drove higher the views became more spectacular. The camera was clicking away!

We drove through Paolo’s home town.

He pulled over on the side of the road, left the van running and told us not go anywhere! Said he’d be right back…we watched him run into a shop and came out looking disappointed. Unfortunately it was still too early for his favorite pizza shop to have their pizza ready. He was taking his mission to get Alex the best authentic pizza in the region quite seriously! He promised he would not let him down!

Paolo stopped every so often to let us take pictures and once and awhile he’d stop at one of the pull offs for us to get out and view the beautiful scenery.

At this point, I was sitting up front and while Paolo and I were chatting about making homemade pasta and life in Italy in general, it became pretty clear that he was a photo enthusiast himself. He started asking about my camera and somewhere along the line he asked if he could take some pictures from his side of the van to get the scenery. By the end of the day I just left the camera in the middle of the seat between us and he’d take the pictures he liked, I’d take the ones from my side! We made a good photographing pair!

So anyway, the drive was more than interesting! Not for the faint of heart! So many roads were so narrow and winding! One car or truck would actually have to back up or down, to let the other pass! The big buses actually even go on those roads! Crazy! At one point, as we squeaked pass a big bus, Megan said she could actually see the whites of the eyes of the passengers on the bus as the passed us! We had complete faith in Paolo though. 

The view of Positano from above....

At one point I think we took a “detour” that Paolo doesn’t usually take – there was some traffic he wanted to avoid – and we got to go up through Montepertuso. Here was got to see the hole in the rock that legend has it Mary made with the touch of her finger in a challenge with the devil. The devil could barely scratch the surface.

Next up....our amazing lunch on the hillside overlooking Positano!

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